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MG MGF Technical - 3K RPM Balk


'72 18V; Peter Burgess Fast Road Head; HS6 carbs, K&N air filters; BCF needles with yellow springs; Euro spec D45 Dizzy with points @14, dwell @ 48; Lucas sport coil, plugs gapped to 38. The car ran great (70 mph in 3rd)until I added a Piper 270 cam with vernier gear timed in to 108 ATDC. Suddenly the car runs great to 2,800 RPM, balks at 3,000 RPM and will lurch, missing, spitting to 4,000 not will not go beyond 4,000 RPM.

I have good compression in all cylinders; tightened all manifold bolts and exhaust connections; tuned the HS6's with (& without)the gunasion tool to run either rich or lean, swapped both needles (BBW to BCF and back) and springs (stock blue to yellow and back)independently and together; have swapped coil, plug wires, plugs. I have timed the dizzy everywhere from 5 BTDC to 25 BTDC; I have swapped the in-line fuel filter, fuel pump filter and blown out the fuel lines from the tank to the pump and from the carbs back to the pump. No matter the change, the engine still balks at 3,000 RPM.

Do I have a bad cam? Insufficient fuel pump? Bad dial guage? Bad karma?
Bayard DeNoie

<<< Do I have a bad cam? Insufficient fuel pump? Bad dial guage? Bad karma? >>>

Bad eyes, you're in the wrong forum ;-0

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