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MG MGF Technical - 4 wheel alignment

steering wheelthis has been done to death but I still find myself requiring advice. I

There isn't really any hard and fast rules here- and no piece of paper to hand over to an alignment technician (although I am working on a web site for precisely this purpose).

Check simple things first- and ride height is certainly the simplest. It is better to have it at the lower end of the height range.

For more predictable and 'safe' rear handling keep to the standard tracking settings: 0 degrees 10 minutes toe IN.

Consider fitting rear compliance bush washers- cheap and impart more predctable handling.

For the front, for a less 'boring' drive, then by all means go for the 0 degrees 5 minutes toe IN front setting. As the setting go towards greater toe-in angles, the greater the steering feel, the better the high speed stability, and the less the amount of 'safe' understeer. Alan has used up to 0 degrees 10 minutes toe-in with no problems- but 5 minutes is quite adequate.


Rob Bell

Cheers Rob - rear compliance bush washers - how much to buy and fit?


Safe "Understeer"

To quote Arthur Dent "This is a new meaning of the word safe"

If the car is too high you get a very scary ride. Another easy thing to check is tyre pressure, if this is too high you may also get that lack of control feeling.

Get the tracking checked anyway. I also use a toe in setting and this also improves stability at speed.

As Rob suggests the compliance washers will help control the back end and they are cheap (10 quid), an essential item in my book. Depending on the age of the car worn suspension bushes can also be a problem with the suspension.

I played this game before........
Tony Smith


for a picture and link to suppliers.
Tony Smith

This thread was discussed on 28/02/2001

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