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MG MGF Technical - 48mm ally throttle body

Anyone here know the rover part number (&approx cost( for the ally throttle body which is a direct swap for the plastic one on the std 118 engine?

Also how trickey is it to fit?


I believe the part number is MHB000100.
Not dificult to fit, but IMHO is a lot easier if you have access to a set of rachet spanners, as one bolt is difficult to access and there is not enough room to use a socket.
can be done with normal spanner but takes a lot longer!
Steve White

thanks steve

I agree with Steve, pretty easy to fit (direct swap) - but a ratchet spanner is a must for the front top retaining bolt - it is right under the body work there, and not really accessible with a socket.
Rob Bell

I've got a spare one for sale if yr interested? It's 52mm not 48mm so I don't know if you would have any air filter issues as I wasn't using a filter. Very easy to fit (apart from the 1 fiddly bolt!). Am changing to throttle bodies so it's surplass to requirements now...


they cost 131+p&p from Mike Satur. Similar price from B&G I believe, and no doubt loads more from a Rover Dealer!!

I have a 52mm alloy TB also going spare, only 3 months old.
80 inc P&P for anyone who is intrested.
Steve White

This thread was discussed between 25/03/2003 and 26/03/2003

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