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MG MGF Technical - 4yr Service


I'm had my F (VVC) for about a month now and am taking it for its 4yr service next week. There's a couple of things I want to get looked at (various leaks, spongy brakes), but is there anything specific that I should ask them to look at over and above the standard service?



Coolant pipes running under the car can corrode.

Driveshaft seals can leak.

Check the VVC bolt tightening recall has been marked up in the service book.
Jon Baker

Thanks loads! Sounds like it could get expensive...


Jon, things do tend to get expensive the older the car is. Since I've had mind, I've had to ... replace the brakes (discs and pads), change the head gasket (changed during 60k service), have 60k service itself (ouch) and its in tommorow for a new clutch & for them to "have a look around, to see if there is anything else on its last legs.".

Best thing is for any work, don't go to a dealer, you pay waaaay over the odds. 600 at a dealer to change the clutch, 360ish at Tech-speed.

Steve Childs

Steve, thanks for the advice. Is there a list anywhere of non-dealer mg specialists? Leamington Spa is a bit of a trek from down south and anyway, I wouldn't trust myself not to get them to install their suspension kit ;-)

Also, whats the going rate for a 4yr service?

Thanks again,


4 year service on my VVC cost 269.20 (234.17 before VAT). That's - 34 for the MoT, 150 for the service, remainder for parts (nothing major, just coolant, oil and brake fluid changed). Or: 23.97 for parts and 210.20 for Labour.


Reg Vardy Rover in Darlington have just quoted me 180 for a 4 year service (parts & labour) on my VVC.

As an aside, I'm getting that petrol smell in the car that I seem to remember people were asking about a while back - Does anyone know if it's going to be expensive to fix?

Costs on wearing parts like brakes depend on mileage though.

Andrew how old is it ?
Just forget a fuel tank change at MGR workshops if you need to pay for it yourself.
Anyway, at first should be checked the clamps at the connection hose between filler pipe and tank if not already done.
Very tricke to get there.

Some pictures but poor descreptions here may help on understanding things

PS also suffering from fuel smell at my second MGF. New tank in three weeks.
Dieter Koennecke

Thanks Dieter. I've also just read the other thread on this subject. My car's a 1997 VVC. Hopefully it's not a new fuel tank job!


<<Check the VVC bolt tightening recall has been marked up in the service book. >>

I've a '96 VVC and have heard nothing about this. can you tell me more please?

Nick Pinches

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