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MG MGF Technical - 52mm Throttle Body

Hi folks,

I would like to change the throttle body of my 1.8i with the 160PS one (from 48mm to 52mm). Is there any substantial power increment with this operation?
I just have the K&N 57i installed. Is it reccomended with the new throttle body?

Many thanks in advance


Me too alberto , i'm getting one fitted next week . If anyone has a answer i'd be interested too, i've just posted a similar msg on the general board.

Alberto, get in touch with Dell-Orto in Italy, they make the 52 mm TB's and if you have any success send us a doz or so;-)

check the 'Inlet Manifold ?' thread.
Dieter Koennecke

Roger Parker found that the 52 mm 'Trophy' TB provided the greatest gains in conjunction with the KN air filter, so this is a highly recommended combination.

No one has yet tried to RR test a 1.8i with the 52mm TB - but with the VVC at least an additional 5 bhp was seen (52mm TB + K&N = 20 bhp? Would have to check the figures with Rog).

From the evidence of what people are claiming with the TBs on their standard cars, I'd guess they are seeing a similar increase on their 1.8is too.
Rob Bell

5 bhp extra from 5000rpm upwards, power and torque the same under 5000rpm. Measured on a VVC engine - see Cars and Car Conversions current issue in Walkers workshop.

Roger Parker

160 TB with Hurricane airfilter and sportexhaust gave 163 Bhp at6650rpm, and 135 Lbft at 4180rpm.
but the most amazing thing on DOT's Lotus with VVC engine is a flat torqueline ! more than 130 Lbft from 4000 till 6300 !

Bob vanM
Bob vanM

That's pretty awesome Bob.

Wonder what my setup would giveout

1) K&N 57i
2) VVC
3) Trophy TB
4) Catbypass

I want a good exhaust...

Hanah Kim

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