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MG MGF Technical - 52mm Throttle Body

Hi all,

what do I need to install the TB52 on my 1.8i?

Any special tools or parts except the TB52?

Any advise appreciated!!!

JP Mendgen

What will be REALLY handy is an 8mm flat ratchet spanner, anything else will be a real pain. an normal socket will not fit and a regular flat spanner can only turn about 15 degrees maximum on the far side of the TB.

Also, we have found that the 52mm TB has very little effect on the MPi, on the VVC there is a big advantage, but less so on yours. However the ally one will not distort and therefore the throttle will not jam. I fitted a TB last year but have only begun to benefit from it since having a head porting and high lift cams. So.... you could always go for the new cams.... :0)

tim woolcott

Jorg, as far as I know the TB comes with all parts necessary.
It's a matter of unscrewing 4 bolts, undoing 2 hoses and a connector to take the old 1 out, and this is reversed to mount the new one. You do need a small mirror to align the TB in the right way so there is as little airflow resistance in the TB as possible. If you are not too far I could help you mount it, have done mine as well

Good luck, Johan
Johan Slagter

As said, no major special tools needed. just make sure you go with a performance air filter or your not gonna notice a thing. Cat bypass pipe helps too. Only 30 quid. Good investment. Pain in the batty for the MOT though. :(


Is there any special adjustment or resetting of secret bits and bobs only the pixies at Rover know about following this mod? Have been thinking about it for a while but don't want to upset the delicate karma known as the K series.

Just reset the throttle potentiometer Bob. Turn on the ignition, depress the throttle fully five times, and switch off again. Job done.

One other check is to ensure that full throttle depression results in maximal opening of the throttle - for this, get someone else to depress the the throttle pedal, whilst you check to see whether there is any further movement of the throttle butterfly cam. Never known any MGF to need this, but it is worth checking though :o)
Rob Bell

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