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MG MGF Technical - 5th Gear Problem

I recently bought a late '96 1.8i MGF (I reached 40, got divorced, drives better than the MX5, made in England, looks superb and I need to pull a bird etc. etc.)
Anyway, to the point; the car keeps slipping out of 5th (seemingly when the engine/transmission is at a fairly constant load). Otherwise, the gearbox seems fine. I can't imagine it's the box itself, because there must be so many of these units fitted to Rovers/Hondas. I am guessing it is in the linkage. Any suggestions?
Many thanks in anticipation.
G P Bailey

Does it on mine as well. Known problem. Bugger to solve. I'm living with it as it doesnt happen all the time. Seems to come in phases. Happen a lot one week then nothing for a month!

There may have been a recall about it but not sure.
Bob Millar

Yep, mine too, a couple of times a week. Usually happens just after changing up to 5th. Not a serious problem, so living with it - suspect it's not cheap to fix permanently.
Paul Daykin

Ours is just as crappy & has been worse since we had the linkage repaired after it snapped.

Mike Satur do a Stick Shift Kit (175.00 or 270.00 with fitting.) which will apparently make a marked difference.

I know this cos we are thinking of changing ours to one of these (funds permitting - I just booked a holiday South of France in our lil green baby here we come!!) Oh & maybe changing the air filter Oh & we'll be needing a boot rack, oooh & a sun mate to keep the lil momo cool, mmm & those leather side pockets would be handy for storing maps etc, & Ah yes we could do with new Euro plates & the chrom GB badges..... Uh Oh I feel the darkside beckoning!!



Thanks guys and Sally
I have done a bit more digging and have heard several references to this being a known problem, but unfortunately nothing definitive on how to cure it (or what could be done to lessen the problem). Surely, if it is a known problem then there must be a known fix!?
G P Bailey

I think from memory the missing final solution for a fix is cause most of happened to cars under warranty. So in the first year at early cars, or three years at newer.

I assume a correct adjustment of the lower gear cable may help.

Worth a try, IMO

Dieter K.

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