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MG MGF Technical - 5yr service/HGF

About a month after having the five year service done to my VVC I had HGF (see my other thread about car now juddering a little in 3rd gear).

Is there anything done (rightly or wrongly) on the 5 year service which could bring HGF on any earlier than usual or are the two completely unconnected? In other words, can I blame this on the garage or have I just been v unlucky!


I A Charlton


If they did not bleed your coolant system properly, this could have caused an air lock and hey presto! - HGF

It's worth having a go at them.

Sam Murray

Cheers Sam - I'll see what i can do!
I A Charlton

Worth a try with garage but do they even touch the cooling system at the 5 year service ????

Antifreeze change is every every 24 months that I know about.

My VVC had HGF just before 5 year service so not so bad in cost as I had cam belts changed at the same time. Would have been alot more expensive to fix if it went after that service. So even though I had the HGF I feel slightly 'lucky' it went when it did.

Guess you have just been unlucky but hope you get lucky with garage now but I would not hold your breath. lol.
Keith Williams

IIRC, coolant change is at 4 years, only at 5 years if there is a specific reason to do so.

Leigh Reid

First after 3 years, then each 2 years.
Regarding old MGF XLC coolant green stuff.
Dieter K.

This thread was discussed between 09/04/2003 and 10/04/2003

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