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MG MGF Technical - 60k/5 years Service - Is this good ?

My F, 1996 45k on the clock needs it's 5 year service. The garage I bought it from and the one that has done all the servicing etc. during the 16 months I have had it have come up with a what I think is a pretty good quote for this. I had the coolant changed and a new head gasket fitted 16 months ago when I bought it (suspected HGF) so this is not being done.

Anyway, the garage's 'Gold Service'plus replacing the cambelt is as follows:-

Engine Oil 12.80
Oil Filter 5.12
Fuel Filter 12.00
air filter 9.50
Plugs (4) 56.28
Labour 119.00

Cambelt Change 23.00
Labour 112.50

Total 350.20 plus VAT (411.48)

I am not sure what is included in their 'Gold Service' but from memory I think it includes everything you can imagine.

From what others have said on this site the above seems very reasonable, plus I do trust the garage. I have bought cars from them for the past 5 years etc. etc.

Is there anything that I should particularly ask them to check/do at this service ?

Any thoughts most welcome

andrew northcott

That is a good price Andrew, I paid around 450 inc vat, but I had a new water filter and Head gasket at the same time, which pushed the price up to 670 odd.

Just ask them to check the state of the engine when they change the cam belt.. i.e. are there any visible leaks from anywhere etc... They should tell you anyway, but it doesn't hurt to ask them to check.

They will also change the coolant at this service, so make sure you watch out for rising water temps when you pick it up again due to airlocks in the system.


Steve Childs

I guess they have to change the coolant even though I had it done just over a year ago ???
andrew northcott

Ah in that case I would ask them not to. If its not broke, don't fix it ;)

Esp. where the cooling is concerned.

Steve Childs


Andrew, there are URL's for the service schedule in the Coolant Change thread in the MGF General BBS, so you could print a few copies and give them to your garage to use. Most of the stuff on the schedule apart from your list is checking and adjusting.

The price is indeed reasonable (except for the plugs - are they really 16 each? I bet Ted remembers the 2/6d Wipacs). I would question the quality of the oil, you will not get anything but a basic standard for 13. Even Halfords recommend a semi-synthetic for the F, and you'll pay getting on for twice the quoted price for that.

Coolant changes are at 24 months, so you're almost 3/4 of the way there: you may wish to have that done, especially if you didn't use Unipart Superplus 3 at the last change. It's the only coolant recommended by Rover for all but the latest cars.

Regards, Kes.

The plugs my dealer used where 11 each, they are the long life platinum type, hence the cost. You might find that your dealer won't mind if you supply the parts, so that is always an option.

Steve Childs

This thread was discussed on 19/04/2001

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