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MG MGF Technical - 6x4 or 6x9 Rear Speakers?

Hi folks,

Iím finally getting round to replacing hood and fitting a leather interior for my 96 MK1 F and I want to add rear speakers.

I was lucky enough to pick up a MK2 T Bar with the speaker cut outs awhile back, theyíre set up for a 6x4ís, which would seem adequate as theyíre just behind your ears. But I recall someone telling me theyíd modified a standard MK1 T Bar to take a 6x9. I havenít sourced the speakers yet and could go either way.

While I have everything out, it would not be too much extra bother to modify for a 6x9, but I wondered if itís worth it? Also, while the T Bar I have is MK2, Iíll be using my MK1 T bar cover and cutting clearance holes, whatís the best thing to do with grills here? Could I use grills supplied with aftermarket speakers or should I consider a PA style option with clamps etc?

I have a JVC head unit c60WPC and wonít be running additional amplification. The door speakers are carbon coned co-axials I got from Mike Satur and are really good, Iíll be running decent cable through the centre console.

Finally, any thoughts on additional sound proofing / deadening, I have new door cards as the old ones used to fluff on high volume / bass and Iíve collected lots of spare plastic clips so should be able to make up a complete new set in case of breakages on removal. Is it worth me fitting adhesive sound deadening to the inside of the doors, or anything else to get the best out of the rather limited options we have available on the F?

Thanks in advance!

Personally I find it best with the hood down and the radio switched off then one can listen to the "music!" of the engine - especially if like me you fit a K&N cone filter!!!
Ted Newman

Hmmmm, very helpful Ted, thanks! Use a Vader myself with custom mounted side intake ;)

Glad you found it useful Russ LOL perhaps then an open exhaust!
Ted Newman

Seriously though, any thoughts on the speakers, I was hoping to order them soon ;)

I think that it would be tricky to package 6x9s. 6x4s will give you a more factory look, especially when combined with the Mk2 T-bar.

Frankly, given the proximity of the speakers to the back of your head, and the fact that you want your staging of the sound to be ahead of you, you don't really need to go overboard with the rear-mounted speakers. I fitted cheapo 10cm Pioneers 10 years ago - and they're perfect for the task! Might be worth my replacing them at some point for something better, but I don't feel the sense of urgency to do this LOL

Better to invest in a decent door installation and think of where to mount a sub - which I think may be a better investment in terms of over all sound quality, when combined with a decent pair of 6x4s :o)

Regarding door sound deadening, fitting a bitumen based material to the doors is certainly a worthwhile investment. I used a product called "Brown Bread" - and this has worked a treat. Used on the inner and outer door skin. More than one layer is best - but it does make the door heavier! LOL

The other modification to consider is to replace the standard door speaker mounts with something a little more substantial than the standard plastic ones - MDF housings are a popular and effective solution.

Hope this helps! :o)
Rob Bell

The T-bar is quite a curved surface, getting the after market speakers to fit into it and look good is _very_ difficult.

As for the speakers, fitting 6x4 in there gives you good enough sound for listening to spoken word at motorway speeds, but don't expect any bass.
Bass is better got by getting some good quality replacement door speakers, and then spending an age finding the resonant frequencies of all the door parts and killing them with sound deadening.
Will Munns

Many thanks chaps, really useful and just what I needed :)

I've already upgraded the door speakers to some pretty awesome In-phase 240W co-axials I got from Mike Satur and think I've found the matching set of 160W 6 x 4's for the back. On closer inspection of the MK2 T Bar, it would be dumb to run anything in there other than the 6 x 4, as this is what it's set up for including cool little m5 bolt holes rather than normal self tappers.

The grills gave me quite a lot of concern, but I'm hoping to pick up a MK2 T bar, speaker pod cover (eBay), which would be really neat, otherwise the 6 x 4's come with covers, but having looked at the job, I agree with Will points out, it would be a b****r to get looking good, particularly as Iíd be cutting up my MK1 cover to give clearance.

I will investigate sound deadening, and door baffles, but Iíve just ordered a new glass screen hood (MGMania) so further expense may have to be deferred. So Iíll live with it for a bit and see what it really needs.

Looking forward to fitting it all, including my bargain £50 leather interior I bought last year :)

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