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MG MGF Technical - $750 AUS ($300 Pound) 10,000 Km (6000Miles) Service..Is this right ?

$750 AUS ($300 Pound) 10,000 Km (6000Miles) Service..Is this right ?

The first service was free (5000Km =3000Miles)but this one coming up is $750 AUS

Should this service really be 10000Km or 20000KM and what do they do that's worth $750AUS ?

I heard that they changed the "Timing Belt" Is this right ?

Matthew Minion

My second service at about 10,000 miles cost GBP125.00 all in!

No they dont change the belts at 10,000 miles or do anything else out of the ordinary - sounds to me as though you are being taken for a ride.

BTW check your hand books they tell you what should be done at each service.

Ted Newman

My 10.000km service was around +/- 7.000 LUF (I'll look it up), which corresponds more or less to Ted's 125.

So def your dealer is ripping you off...
Dirk Vael

Well there's only two dealers in the state (and the other is 400Km away)

The book states 10000Km.. the next service sticker on the car states that too.

The book also has a tick box " Timing Belt Changed " on the 10000Km.

I checked with another MGF owner in Sydney and $750 is right.


Matthew Minion

A timing belt change will put the cost right up to the sort of figures you quote but this is only scheduled for 60,000 miles (or possibly 5 years old)
John Thomas

Hey Matt, I'm just about due for my first service at 5000km which I know is free. But the next scheduled service is a the 20,000km mark then every 20,000km after that. Now, as far as I can tell (and from what I remember from discussing this very subject with the dealer before deciding to buy the F), a major service will occur every 100,00km which will cost me $750. The drive belt should be changed at about the 160,000km mark. But whichever, the belt should last longer than 10,000km.

Might be worth your while to speak to Rover Australia and confirm with them what the dealer is saying.



Check again, my 20KM service was $409, my 30KM service was $440 which included an $85 replacment of alternater belt at my expense despite the car being under warranty. Go figure ??? Especially since the car was towed to its 30KM service due to a an alternater failure. Thankfully the alternater itself is not considered a consumable!!


Peter Katsoulotos


A couple of things....
I checked with Rover Australia and found that:
* MGF's made after 1/1/99 are "recommended" to be serviced every 10,000Km but if you wait for 20,000Km it will not void the service warranty.
* The 10,000Km service should cost $250-$300

The reason the that 10,000Km service is "recommended" is:
* Australia weather conditions ( Sand, Dust, Temperature range 0-35)
* Australia roads ( Suspension check / Tyre wear )

The reason why I asked this question in the beginning was that my clutch was wearing out, (10,050Km I noticed it) it was booked in to have that replaced and I wanted to work out if it was to be serviced at the same time.

It's being serviced now and having the clutch replaced ($271 in the end)

Matt (MJM 811)

Matthew Minion

Matt, thanks for the info - I'll check that with my dealer to find out why I wasn'r informed of that piece of information.


Did you go to LandRover on Crown in Sydney?
Scott & Duncan are very good, my car is always serviced there and the most it has cost is $490 - due to new alt. belt.

Octagon Greetings

Glenn & Peter,
Did you go to LandRover on Crown in Sydney?
> What about Peter ?
Scott & Duncan are very good,
> Duncan is great (I'm in there enough to know just about everyone)
my car is always serviced there and the most it has cost is $490 - due to new alt. belt.
> I signed a service form today (10,000km) and it was $271

Peter (see above) paid $525 for a service and a alt. belt (But it was only $490 for you ?)

The pricing almost the same
$ ? = 5,000
$271 = 10,000
$409 = 20,000
$440 = 30,000

Why the price difference ? (MPI vs VVC)
Why change the service ranges ? (99 vs 98/97) is there something Rover Australia isn't telling us ?
Matthew MInion


My car was serviced at Crown. The $440 was including the belt, mind you I covered the 2 days hire car. The guys at Crown a generally good, although I am currently waiting on a few things(4-5 weeks now) and the phone has gone dead.

As for the service intervals, the sales people will tell you 20K, while the service people will tell you 10K. It appears Rover suggest 10K because of the conditions, I wonder what the brochure states ??

I think I would service every 10K regardless.


Peter ....
Peter Katsoulotos

Hi Guys,

I live on the Gold Coast and have had my VVC since the end of Feb. 1998. I have just turned over 52,000km and have never paid more than $250 for a service (at least as far as I can remember (I have the Invoices at home)..

From memory my 20,000km service cost about $180 (This was cheaper than I was quoted) and the 40,000 cost $250. I have been told the 60,000 km service is the one that the timing belts are changed and as a result this service is more expensive at around $650.

I have a K&N filter, and Everything else on the car is standard. I check my oil regulary, and it has always been clean.... I would average about 30,000km per year of 40% city and 60% country driving.

I drive the car quite hard.. I also use all of the revs upto the redline... AND, touch wood, I have never had any problems other than a few water leaks, and the cracking noise from under the dash..

Your Service costs down that end of OZ sound very over the top !

Scott Martin
Scott mArtin

Just for info, guys, the Rover UK dealers state that a cam belt change is only required at 60,000m or 100,000km - without this an annual (or every 12,000 mile) service for a non-VVC MGF is about Stg pds 150-170 even at London labour rates and including our wonderful 17.5% VAT: Rover must sell a lot of cambelts in Oz!
Tim Griggs

My first service was 5000km and next at 20,000km intervals the car is 3 months old. I know I may be south of the border, where we are supposed to be slow or something, but I honestly think your dealers up there are taking you up there for a ride.
In the service portfolio it says "the dealer can recommend more frequent services in harsher climates"
NSW is not that much different to VIC and I hardly think 25 deg or 35 deg is going to make much difference to an engine that has an oil temp of 130 deg.The cambelts are due for replacement at 160k not 10k.
Also note the book states"All services and requirements upto, but not including 20k service will be carried out free of charge" Basicly any work required is free prior to 20k service.Take the service portfolio into the dealer and shove it in his face HARD.

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