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MG MGF Technical - 79 Midget - Worthy Project?

Hello all. I came across this message board while reading up on MG's. I came across MG's because I was looking for a project car. I am a college student and wanted a car that I could make a hobby out of working on. I wasn't interested in really restoring a full car, more just the mechanicals.

I'm posting here because I found a '79 midget here in town. The guy says the body is in good shape (except the paint), the engine and transmission are fine, interior ok except the seats need new vinyl and it needs a new top. The main thing is he said the rear-end needs to be 'reassembled.' He said he has most of the parts, but it would need a new differential. I think a major positive point is that it only has 25k original miles. My question then is this: Would this be a good project for me? I'm very mechanically inclined and do most of the work on my car. I'm sure I could do the work, but can anyone comment on availability of parts? Would this be a car that a college student could get back on the road (in terms of $$)? I could probably get this car for 250USD, which puts me 250USD under my project car purchase budget, so I'd have that to spend on initial stuff.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate your help.
Ryan R

Ryan, any MG is a worthwhile project, but you would get a better response if this was posted on the Midget board and not the 'F' board.
Good luck

As said, the Midget people will be able to tell you a lot more, a lot of them are US based (unlike us F lot) but the response times are more like a few hours than a couple of minutes (like here). Their archive has lots of stuff in it and they don't like repeating the same advice again and again (so check in the archives first, if it's there a few times then you might not get an answer at all) Good luck, the bodys the difficult bit so if you have a fine 20 year old body then you'll be OK. Cost wise I have no idea.

Will Munns

Thanks for the heads up, thought I clicked the Midget one :)

Ryan R

This thread was discussed on 27/01/2003

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