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MG MGF Technical - 820 airbox help

I have not long owned my MG TF but love it and have been reading these forum for a while both before and after I purchase her. I now want to change the air filter, after much reading I have decided to go the rover 820 SLi route but have not been able to find one any where locally could any one please help?

Many thanks

They're getting very rare in scrap yards aren't they? Other Austin Rover alternatives are Maestro and Montego 2.0 litre airboxes - but I am not sure how much more success you'll have with these either?
Rob Bell

Yeah not having much luck as of yet, sent a parts request by Parts Gateway today but still nothing, nice to here from you read a lot of your posts especially on the 820 mod, may have made 0.5sec difference to your track time impressive.
J Prior

I thought the TF had a far less strangulated airbox than that fitted to the old F, so improvements are likely to be tiny. Why not go for a better exhaust system?



Is it worth changing the stock airbox then or would it be worth while just changing the filter for a K&N panel filter instead, any suggestion please?
J Prior


If it was me, don't change the airbox. The power improvements from F to TF were largely due to the improved air feed arrangements. You may find you get little or no improvement (or make it worse) if you rip out what's there. A new filter would be the only mod I'd make there.

A bit more involved than that Leigh - it's not all airbox (the TF135 used warmer cams too for example) - but for sure, the airbox improvements did contribute.

A reasonable and cheap alternative is to use a K&N or similar panel filter, and reduct the intake tubes to a cool air source - the usual place being the nearside engine bay air intake. It's all straightforward enough, and should see you close to the performance gains seen using the 820 mod for a little less expenditure/ effort :o)

Read a little more about this here:

Rob Bell

I have a twin input TF airbox fitted to my 96 1.8i with a ITG panel filter fitted (special order foam filter), and one of the two input hoses ducted to the neaside engine bay duct.

This arrangement does seem to make a noticable difference particularly with the 52mm throttle body I have fitted.

Note:- to fit this airbox to a early F you need both the latter bracket and the airbox and have to cut away part of the resonant chamber used with the earlier filter assembly.


Thanks for the response

I have managed to find a Montego 2.0 airbox but I have not brought it yet, I also have a 57i K&N off a Vectra v6 which I could use, so how close is the standard airbox with K&N or ITG panel filter compared to the 820 mod are we talking even 1 bhp difference between the to.

If I go the panel route and redirect the air ducts, can I move both inlets to the near side without making the ducts any longer and will it have any adverse effects on the engine bay cooling.

Are any of you going to MGFEST in August because I would like to see your cars and what you have done.

Cheers John
J Prior

Hopefully will be there, work permitting :o)

The Rover 820 airbox is within a bhp or two with the ITG maxogen on the standard 1.8i - and the modified standard late airbox with cool air modifications within a similar margin to that I would think... In other words very very close.

All are better than an exposed K&N inside a hot engine bay ;o)
Rob Bell

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