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MG MGF Technical - 820 Airbox Modification

Can anyone tell me where I can get 70mm dia flexible induction tubing from. I have a K&N 57i filter and I've got myself an 820 airbox (5) to have a play with. I tried fitting it over the weekend but to get it all to fit properly I needed to cut the original tubing which connects the filter to the throttle body and I don't want to do that. I also need the tubing to run from the filter to the side vent.

I've looked all over for suitable tubing including every DIY store I've been past but I cant find anything the right size and length. I've tried playing around with foil ducting but its simply not strong enough.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



try the main inlet trunking from a 2 litre Montego or Maestro. Ditto the Rover I wouldn't be surprised either.
David S

Darren, Demon Tweeks do the suitable hose, but other sources should be available from elsewhere - have a look on the web, I think that companies like Think! Automotive may also sell suitable hose.
Rob Bell

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