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MG MGF Technical - 820 airbox problems - FAO Rob

Have just tried fitting the bracket and airbox as detailed on your otherwise excellent website - but almost immediately encountered problems. I have a 1.8i 2000MY so didn't expect any problems at all - its a bolt off bolt on job! Bracket dimensions - the damn thing just doesn't work. The main problem is the fuel filter pipe in the way, but apart from this the lid (and box) would not be high enough anyway. I noticed that on the website photographs the existing bracket looks parallel with the floor, and the box lid sits well above the fuel filter. In my car the bracket slopes downwards towards the rear, thus causing problems. Is it possible that later model F's have the VVC or different bracket? Has the variation in brackets been posted anywhere?
I also found aluminium style ducting just isn't strong enough - anyone know where to source 70mm ducting that doesn't cost 30 a metre? (from demon tweeks)
(As an aside - does anyone remember the article in enjoying MG about 'just popping into the garage dear to do a simple job on the car - won't be long'? - its so true!)
Any help much appreciated.
Phil 22

I got mine from a place called 'Transmission Hoses' in Widnes....not much help tho' if you aren't from round here (sorry). I think it was about 8 quid for a few metres. It is an industrial shop that sells mainly to the local chemical industry - you may find similar in your area.It is a plastic reinforced flexible hose and has been OK.
As for the bracket - I put everything in place and then measured up for a bracket from the old airbox mounting to the new filter box and then lashed one up out of a bit of ally I had lying round - a bit 'Heath Robinson' but it is still dong the job ! ;-)

Good luck

Cheers Andy,
Did you find that the fuel pipes were in the way? I always presumed the straighter the link to the throttle body the better, but may have to put up with a slight bend.
I have had a K&N 57i for some years now, so can't put my hands on the old box straight away! Thanks for the top tip though!
Phil 22

Phil as your car is a 2000MY you probably have the larger standard air box which has a different bracket to the small air box on pre 2000 cars like Robs and mine. I found this out when attempting to fit the larger latter airbox.

Phil, I suspect that Dave's right - the MY2000 airbox bracket is a different design to that found on pre-2000 cars (see - and this is what's causing you the headaches.

However, it should be pretty straightforward to fabricate a new bracket. I used a piece of card first, made a prototype out of some scrap wood and erm... I've still got the prototype fitted years later because I haven't got around to making a new one out of sheet alloy! LOL

Good luck
Rob Bell

Thanks guys,
Its a relief to know its not just my rubbish diy skills! I'll try and post the dimensions for the new bracket when I've done it.
Phil 22

That'd be great Phil - could I then use it on the page to help others with the later bracket design?

Rob Bell

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