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MG MGF Technical - 90 degree rotation of rear Front wishbone bushes

I read that the TF rear Front wishbone bushes are orientated 90 degree to that of the F.

Can I do that with my F without a full subframe etc conversion to TF spec.

In otherwords, as the F stands will I get benefit by this 90 degree rotation alone.

What results should I expect?
james osborne

MGF Trophy had this orientation of the inner bush - so yes, you can certainly do this on your MGF without problem James - more here:
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob
That answers my question
james osborne

No problem James - it's a mod that I've been planning myself for many years - but so far I haven't been able to justify the time to take the suspension apart for this!

Please do let us know if you do do this - and whether you think that it is worth while; clearly the chassis development guys did! :o)
Rob Bell

The MGF bush was rotated through 90 degrees as a quick and easy way of achieving a rate increase on MGF Trophy. During the development of mgtf, the rubber compound was changed so that the bush became stiffer, such that the original MGF orientation could be used but with the rate of the rotated bush. I'm not sure when it was finally introduced, but most TF's will have the stiffer bush in the standard (MGF) orientation.
There were a few reasons for the attention to this bush - it reduces toe change under braking so tramlining and inner shoulder tyre wear are reduced. The steering feels more consistent and precise. Every little helps....
A Kitson

Andy - I mentioned to Al about you chaps looking into specc'ing a set of poly bushes for the MGF and TF. There are plenty of these on the market, but it is rather confusing as to what the rates are for them - and moreover, what the ratings of the original bushes were that are intended to be replaced.

My car's bushes are now 12 years and 90k miles old - I rather suspect that some of them are going to need replacing - particularly for the track work they get used for :o)
Rob Bell

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