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MG MGF Technical - '97 MGF VVC BATTERY

Hi folks,some advice please.I have checked the archives but a.they are old and not answer my specific query.Could someone tell me the exact type of battery that is currently(2014)appropriate for my '97 VVC which has EPAS and air con.I am about to put the car back on the road and am wondering about changing the batt as the present one is 7 years old( but has never given any trouble- touch wood).The present one is a Type 027(63/600) but I have been told that this has been superceded by Type 075 which has been produced apparently after changes in EU rules( something to do with minimum crank turning rating,or something).All enquiries on the web seem only to quote for MGFs but not VVC which I understand is a more powerful batt.Any ideas and where is a good place to buy?
M Blencowe

I'd save the money and buy a CTEK battery conditioner instead. You'll probably get plenty more years out of the old one!

I'm not sure why the VVC would need a higher rated battery. There is a difference between the battery ratings of an MGF fitted with EPAS and one not.
T S Day

I have replaced the original Delphi battery on my wife's 2005 TF160 with a Willard 652 silver cadmium battery.The battery fits in the battery box but is too large to employ the original base clamp [which can be still used with a 646 battery.]
Conventional battery clamp and J bolts were used satisfactorily.
The larger battery starts the car in any condition, even cold with the headlights on.

Check out this website ALLBATTERIES UK. Just to give you an idea of what you may be looking for. Complete with measurements and prices.
Sue Wilson

Original battery for the MGF with EPAS is an 027 series.

Note that if the alternator fails then a fully charged correct 027 battery will be flat and the car coasting to a halt within 25 miles of the alternator failure, such is the power consumption of the EPAS motor. If the standard non EPAS common 063 battery is used then that mileage comes down to around 17 miles.

This is daytime general driving, so no other electrical loads are on and generally mostly straight A roads, not twisting minor roads.

If you ever suffered this stop and take out the 40 amp fuse in the 70 amp marked fuse holder under the bonnet and to the rear of the battery. This should then allow you to get very much further.

Roger Parker

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