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MG MGF Technical - A couple of questions about performance bolt-ons

A couple of questions:

Firstly, my TF135 (MY 2003)looks as if it already has a 52mm throttle body as standard. Please could someone confirm whether or not this is the case.

Secondly, I've read that the standard air filter set-up on the TF135 is pretty efficient already - especially in respect of cold air feed. I'm thinking of buying a ITG Maxogen induction kit. If the standard filter is already good, would the ITG system be a worthwhile and cost effective improvement.

Any advice gratefully received.

Thanks Bob
R Thompson

Hi Bob,

As far as my knowledge goes, I think that the TF135 is about as optimised as possible, in terms of bolt-on improvements.

It already benefits from all the things that markedly improve the standard 120bhp engine - improved intake performance from the throttle body, manifold and airbox, improved breathing from higher lift cams, and a free-er flowing exhaust.

so really, I can't think of anything I could bolt on that would make any significant difference...

I have a 2001 MPi, and am running what is now the same spec engine as yours, the only difference is that I have kept my inlet manifold, and haven't got round to doing the throttle body yet - but once that is done, there isn't anything 'easy' to do - next step is probably giving Dave Andrews a call...

if your airbox already has a second inlet, and you've routed one of the tubes to the side intake on the car, and have an ITG panel filter or similar, then i don't think you'll see any appreciable improvement by buying a Maxogen.

Hope this helps

mike roberts

Bob one other bolt on mod to try is a stainless steel 4-2-1 exhaust manifold, improves torque and sound for around 350.
Steve P


Thanks for the advice......which has prompted another question. Given the efficiency of the standard TF air filter set-up, do you think an open cone filter (eg K&N) could have a negative effect on performance?

Thanks again,

R Thompson

Yes an open filter will have a negative effect on power unless you feed it with cool air, but even then you are only likely to gain noise but not performance.
C Tideswell

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