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MG MGF Technical - A feeling of sea sickness

As a relatively new MGF owner, I wish I had known about this site months ago !

If you could shed any light on why, since the snow and ice of late, my 1996 vvc seems to have developed a ride which can only be described as very peculiar, and is making me feel sea sick ! When going round corners it sort of feels as if the back end is going to spin, and it seems to take a while to catch up with the movement of the steering wheel - very odd.

I will have to take the car to have it looked at, but not being particularly technically minded, I don't have a clue what is making it feel like this - it used to be so positive. I fear I may get ripped off !

I've checked the obvious - tyre pressures / fluid levels and looked underneath - nothing is hanging off.

Any ideas ?

Matthew Spooner

Here is one for our Suspension Gurus - to me it sounds like something that has been mentioned before:-

Worn rear tie rod bushes or something like that - however I am certain that there will a more specific reply befor Monday.

Ted Newman

This thread was discussed on 12/01/2001

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