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MG MGF Technical - A mouse in my seat

...and it sqeeks...

...slowly driving me mad. Anyone else had this problem and solved it? (Not as someone has mentioned before when depressing clutch, but when going over bumps). Seems to be in bottom right hand, towards back sort of area.

It's in a Y2000 1.8i cloth seat.
M J Roscoe-Hudson

I have heard that the purchase of a cat might work
T Green

Yep place a cat on the passanger seat and put a cat bypass tube between the seat and the outside world, the mouse will soon leave!
Will Munns

Any chance you sometimes eat when driving? Excess crumbs might be the root cause of the problem. A good hoover should prevent futher infiltration.

The only problem with the cat cure is that the bugger sets of the volumetric alarm.


A squeak? Is it coming from the seat itself? If so it could be one of the seat pad stretchers rubbing in its fixing.

Or of course it could be the seat slider mechanism a bit loose.

Your best bet is to try and tighten all nuts, bolts and screws and perhaps apply some silicon grease to the sliders on the seat.

The other thing is to make sure you are not pushing the seat right back against the T-bar.

Ted Newman

...cheers Ted - I'll try that lot.

...other lot - must try harder.
M J Roscoe-Hudson

There was a tech bulletin TB0033 regarding a rattle from the seat this was due to the grease on the runners drying out ,could be a cause.HTH.

I've had a mouse under the bonnet before... tried to firk it out on numerous occasions because I was due to do a 300 mile journey but it kept coming back.. never saw it again after the journey.
I hope it had the sense to leave before I did.
D Edwards

With my F I had two squeaks, one was the headrest rubbing on the T-Bar on the passenger side simply solved by moving the seat one notch forward. The other a much louder squeak particularly on bumpy roads turned out to be the cover on the oil filler / water bottle area which made a horrible squeak. I solved it by sticking a lump of foam rubber on the boot lid directly over the cover which held the cover in place and stopped it squeaking.

Never had the seat it's self squeak though.

I have the same problem periodically, I solved it by turning up the volume on the mini-disc/radiogram thingy and accelerating a lot so that the K&N drowns it out.

K&N - that sounds like a good idea, but the engine sounds beautiful as it is to me. (except when you step outside)

By the way - while we're on the subject of animals - I think I've fixed my cheaters leaking by adjusting the door catches slightly up and in - in other words by making the door panels absolutely flush with the other panels including the exact hieght - (either bad original build or someone fiddling) - this has the effect of tightening the cheaters onto the A pillar seal. No leak this morning after the night's rain. Was just about to use the 8mm tube.
M J Roscoe-Hudson

I know the solution of a cat was mentioned but putting a big game cat like a cheetah is a touch of overkill don't you think?! ;-)
Billy Bob

The mouse has moved, not in my seat as I thought, it has now been located in the vicinity of the offside rear suspension. After spending nearly all weekend trying to find it (took seat out, test drive, took hood+frame off, test drive, t-bar out, test drive, engine cover plate off, oiled/greased/tightened everything else)

Whatever that strut looking thing is next to the Hydrogas bits - sqeeks.

Anybody know if this is possible, what is the strut, remedy, warranty claim?
M J Roscoe-Hudson

Starting to sound more like the oil filler cover all the time

A mouse decided to make its nest once in one of our old cars. Unfortunately it must have slipped one day with the engine running. Mouse alternator belt = bits of mouse all over the place!!!!

Sorry, but I had to share this one



Nope done that one.

But found an archive thread on a brake pipe rubbing on the shock - off to have a look now.
M J Roscoe-Hudson


see 'Thanks Dave' thread.
M J Roscoe-Hudson

what, where, when why ?
Nothing in there with 'Thanks Dave'
A bit difficult in any way, cause half of the contributors are 'Dave' and say 'Thanks'
Dieter K.


I meant a thread in this MGF Technical section - entitled 'Thanks Dave. St Albans' - just wanted to thank the person who created the original thread about squeeking caused by brake pipe rubbing on the right rear shock absorber.

Dave, like my squeek, has vanished though.
M J Roscoe-Hudson

This thread was discussed between 05/11/2002 and 13/11/2002

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