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MG MGF Technical - 'A' post seal (mgf=tf?)

is mgtf 'A' post seal like (equal) mgf one is?

(I have MGFworkshop manual and I want to know if instructions are appliable to my tf)

Some days ago I went in "my" workshop and they changed 'A' seal. After this change 'A' seal is near glass but they aren't in contact in the upper corner of hood-'A'bar. So I went back to workshop but they said 'A'seal adjustment is no possible: they said I need a new side glass or a new glass riser. So I'm going to try to solve my problem in my own (as it is, just a little rain is enough to allow water enter in my car).

Have you no suggestion?


The seal most certainly should be tight all around the glass. It CAN be adjusted (but I have never done it myself). My TF had a gap at the top of the window, and the dealers sorted it with no problems. They should just have to remove the door trim and adjust the glass to suit.

You should find instruction on adjusting windows on Dieter's web site at - look for 'window adjust' page.
Neil Courtney

my workshop man said window cannot be adjusted more than he made (he tried to adjust it but he say glass can be raised no more)

The Windscreen seal was up-dated in 2000 with a thicker item which I suspect is still used in the TF. One other difference between ealier cars (pre-2000) is that the profile of the driver and passenger glass is slightly different to help. On my 1996 car I ave the new windscreen seals but the original windows, I have found that there is plenty of adjustment to stop the joins leaking, but it does take a bit of time to get right.

tim woolcott


You mention the profile of the driver & passenger glass is slightly different.

How is that ?

At the moment, my new TF (7 weeks old) has passengers glass that snuggly fits within the seals (or pre-loaded(?) as I have read in the service manual), and drivers glass that fits over the seals (it fits within the seals if you close the door with the window down and put it up, but leaves the rear part 5mm too low!! and funnily enough makes it difficult to open the door).

BTW Its in next week to get it corrected.
S Reinson


The point at which the glass meets the hood/A pillar has a smoother radius than the pre-2000 windows.

It sound like you have a correctly adjusted window on the pasenger side but a bit duff on the drivers. Why MGR can't get this right in the PDC is difficult to understand....

tim woolcott

Since having a new hood fitted under warrenty my driver(and to extent the passenger side)glass has developed the most annoying rattle in the closed position at the top of the glass, particularly bad at low speed. It seems to disapear over 50 (effect of wind forces?)
anyone any ideas please. The car is going in next Monday so I would be grateful to be pre armed with any comments so not to be flannelled by the dealer, or am I being paraniod!!
john adams


'Correct passenger, incorrect driver' - thats what I thought!!

First ragtop I've owned, so didnt know and its taken me 6 weeks to this point to realise.

Trouble is the passenger A-seal gets pushed out slightly when I put the window up - this seal has been replaced twice with the dealer never realising he had to adjust the window as well.

BTW, what is the PDC ?

I know what the PDI is, because that never got done, until I was about to part with my money and casually requested a copy of it only to find out the bad news - 2 hour wait and it was 'done' although possibly not.
S Reinson


PDC=PDI I didn't engage brain fully this morning.

I really can't believe that a 'dealer' didn't know they had to adjust the windows... Now that is plain incompetence.....! Grrrrr


I suspect the dealer ajusted your windows when fitting the new roof and didn't tighten all the nuts...

tim woolcott

Thanks Tim, Is it a big job to check the tightness of the nuts if that is the cause. The dealer wants to keep the car from 0900 until 1300hrs, is this a realistic time or do you think he will need the car longer bearing in mind there are two doors to check.
My 1954 MGTF1500 is much easier to work on, removable side screens!!

Shaun, I also had this problem, but with the passenger window. If the hood was closed with the window raised, I could not open the door. Dealers sorted this at the same time as removing the gaps between glass and seal.
Neil Courtney

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