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MG MGF Technical - A question of bulbs

I was looking into getting the Phillips blue vision bulbs on off their website. what type of bulb do i need to get ??? it had loads of options H1 H2 etc etc???

Cheers for any info

You will have to check your existing lights they are either all H1's or a mix of H1 and H7 (2 of each)if you look at the web site for powerbulbs, and then check out the different bulbs you will see the difference in the base of the headlight bulb.
Then order whichever you need.
HTH Mike

H1 is a small bulb with a single spade connection directly on the back.

H7 has a twin spacce connection on the rear and a larger glass envelope with a matt black end. Much like a small H4 dual main/dip headlamp bulb that has been the common fit for decades.

Roger Parker

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