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MG MGF Technical - A silly question?

having experienced the milky headlight problem and looking at replacement under an extended warranty. Do the mgtf head lights fit or am I best to use the trophy cluster.

thanks for any advice


I have heard that the TF lights will fit with one major problem you will need a TF bumper to go with them.

I to have the milky headlights and would love the TF lights but am not keen to change to a TF bumper. If I wanted a TF I would buy one.

What we need is a after market kit with a redesigned front bumper to allow the fitment of these lights and still keep the F's front looks. The other option is a redesign of the light units so no new bumper required.

Tom Randell

Cue Mike Satur!

Ted Newman

Right there Ted, personally I dislike the TF headlamp unit shape. Along with most of the other styling mods as it happens...

Just want the quality of illumination in the F headlamp unit.


I have to admit that my personal preference is for the original *F* style - I find it a pleasing shape , dare I say Cuddly even! Whilst I do not dislike the TF it looks just a little too aggresive BUT I guess this what they want to portray, this is the modern market!

Ted Newman

Don't want to divert too much from the original thread.

However, IMHO, when the 'F is correctly lowered and with the headlamp's silvered background painted it can look well aggressive. To me the Trophy was the best interpretation; and you need to lower that!

Again, IMHO, the 'F is a roundy car. Sticking angular bits on just makes it look awkward, a real fashion victim.

Just my opinion.

I have done the Trophy headlamp conversion to my silver MGF, and I think it looks excellent! I think this is your best bet, as it's half way between the original MGF look and the new agressive TF look.
E-mail me if you'd like a picture.

This thread was discussed on 08/03/2002

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