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MG MGF Technical - About seat fitting, who knows.......

a bit late but merry xmas to all of you.
so who knows if when we buy a new leather seat to B&G, MS, mgf centre or some other if the fitting is included in the price, if no do you know how much it can cost.
an other question, is it possible to send outside england a mgf's seat by post office (royal mail or parcel force) , i think if we dismantle in two or three it can be possible, what is the weight of a seat (15 kg ?).
is it possible to install a mk2 seat instead a mk1, and is the pretensionner from a mk1 is compatible with a mk2 seat.thanks again for your reply.
best regards

The seat is easy to remove and re fit all you need is a Torx bit of the correct size, 21mm from memory. When they do retrim kits it comes as a loose cover and you have to remove old trim and slide on new. To send a seat would cost a fortune because its weight and size that counts. I am intersted in the answers you will recieve as I would like to up grade my interior to a Mk 2 and there is nothing at the wreckers overhere.
Andrew W Regens

Not much online on site even I changed from MK1 to MK2 seats in last summer.

However, it's a Torx 50 and the connectors of the pretensioners MK1 to MK2 are different since mgtf VIN 4D620548 (also yellow coloured instead of red). No need to change the tensioners, but keep them and swap them over to the MK2 seats.


This thread was discussed on 26/12/2006

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