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MG MGF Technical - ABS fault: advice sought


I am currently experiencing an intermittent problem with the ABS on my 96/N VVC.

The problem is that once the car has started, and after I have driven a few feet, the ABS light comes on and does not go out until I turn off the engine. Before I start the engine, the ABS light comes on for a few seconds and is then extinguished, the same as normal. I tried letting the car roll forwards a couple of feet with the key in position 2 but without starting the car, and I did not see the light come on.

I have seen this behaviour every time I have driven the car since the weekend. However, I also saw this behaviour for every journey I made over the course of a week about two months ago; the problem resolved itself one day without intervention. I also saw the same problem on one journey (maybe two consecutive ones) a few years ago. On this occasion and the last, the problem started during exceptionally hot days; I can't remember the first occasion, but I think it was Spring or Summer.

The car has no other faults.

I was wondering if someone might have any useful advice; I am loathe to take it to a garage just yet as I believe that the cheapest ABS component is a wheel sensor and that this costs about 200 pounds. I would be particularly interested to know where the wheel sensors are located, how they are wired and what the required clearance is; hopefully I'll find that they're loose (or something else cheap).

As usual, many thanks for any help.


Robert Harris

I had this a couple of times and it was due to low fluid levels in the master cylinder - dont ask me why that should affect the ABS lights but topping up the master cylinder cured it!

Ted Newman

Sensors at each wheel, disconnect and pray with contact clenaer, sounds like an electrical fault ("oh dear one of my wheels isn't turning") but as Ted says, check the easy first (esp as running out of brake fluid is BIG BAD)
Will Munns

This thread was discussed on 11/07/2003

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