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MG MGF Technical - ABS on MPi


First thanks to you all for making BBS such a useful and entertaining source of information.

Question - can I fit ABS to my MPi?
- at what cost?
- Are there any drawbacks?

PS -57i You were not wrong (Grin)!!!!!


To retro-fit ABS is just not viable even if it is possible (which I doubt).

Ted Newman

Retro fit is possible...

...with a new wiring loom, ABS pump/valve block/ECU, main wiring loom, 4 ABS wheel sensors, 4 new hubs, 2 front stub axles, 2 rear CV joints, many new brake pipes to plumb in the modulator block and depending on the age of your car a new master cylinder.

Now I am sure I have left some items out but this little lot gives the quite clear impression that purchased new as individual parts you will spend several thousand pounds, on top of which you will easily double that amount with the complete vehicle dissassembly and rebuild with new parts.

ABS is to all intents a production line fit only.

Roger Parker


You have confirmed what I said:-)

Everything is possible at a price.

Ted Newman

Thanks, I think I'll forget that idea then!!!!!

Ted, you simply provided the answer - I said the same using a political language!!

Roger Parker

There is one solution - buy a Japanese import

they ahve abs as standard


This thread was discussed between 27/02/2001 and 28/02/2001

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