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Help please!

The model is N reg 1.8. The handbrake ON switch is damaged beyond repair. Without a clear access I can't replace it with the spare part.
I have searched the BBS archive without any positive guidance of how to remove the "long" section of the central cover.
I have found some helpful pix (Mike SATUR?) relating to an alternative gear shift, but not the associated text to clarify the procedure.
Is it possible to remove the rear section without dismantling the trim supporting the clock/oil temp gauge/hazard switch, radio, ventilation controls and the cubbly tray?
Any advice is welcomed.


Paul Liverton.



Working on it - the proceedure is quite involved.

Watch this space...

Scarlet Fever

SF will come back with more detailed answer Paul, but to remove the central 'transmission' tunnel trim will involve removing the centre console in the middle of the dash, plus the T-bar trim behind the seats and the cubby boxes. Quite a lot to remove, but I don't think that the job is too tricky - just plenty to do.
Rob Bell

OK, sorry for the delay.

To remove the transmission tunnel you first need to remove the fascia, the T-Bar and the drop down bin, i shall deal with these in stages.

* Fascia *

The fascia is simply clipped into position, but there are variances between the Mark 1 design and the Mark 2. I shall detail the Mark 1 removal with notes in [square brackets] to add any Mark 2 specific items.

Remove the radio head unit

Remove the gear knob
Scarlet Fever

Many thanks to Rob Bell and Scarlet Fever for the comprehensive description and photos of the dismantling procedure to access the handbrake "ON" switch.

I will progress this work when the weather improves.

If it wasn't essential to "test" panel lights using the handbrake, I suspect I would live with the problem.

Again, many thanks for ypur time and trouble.


Paul Liverton

Your welcome, good luck.


Scarlet Fever

Oh, and i've just spotted an error in my posting above.

The last two photos are actually the same image, the very last link should be:

>> <<

Doesn't show much other than the finished job (transmission tunnel removed), but i thought i should post the right image, for completeness.

Scarlet Fever

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