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MG MGF Technical - additional console switches (TF& MY2000)

I think I had seen pictures of additional switche(s) that fit in the center console under the regular set of switches (windows, aircon, fogs, etc.) IIRC, it was standard or optional equipment on F/TF's from an "exotic" land (South Africa ??)...
The problem is I don't remember exactly what it was, and I don't find it again... Anyone has an information about that ?
thanks ;o)

FYI, I'm going to fit a heated seat kit, and I don't want to drill holes in the console or in the dash for the switches.

Fabrice, I can't help you with the extra switch console request, but I am interested in your plan to heat the seats! I am thinking of doing the same thing on my car (would be nice to heat the steering wheel too - but I don't know whether this is possible or not?)

My father's Porsche Boxster's persuaded me that it's a good idea; it has heated backs as well as the heated seat base - something that I'd be keen to replicate.

What kit are you planning to use?

For what it's worth, I'll be having the same problem with regard to mounting the switches. I am currently thinking about using a Rover 75/ MG ZT central locking/hazard warning switch mount that sits on the central transmission tunnel behind the gear lever - and fit Rover/MG heat switches into that. Would look neat, but the switches are oval, and all the Mk1 switches (and MY2000/TF switches for that matter!) are square - so I risk a slight mismatch of styles...
Rob Bell

I have a full house of switches on my MK1 dash and have never seen any other that fit under the originals.Mine are for the A/C, recurculating, HRW, Front Fog Lights, Rear Fog Light, Electric Windows and Hazard.
Andrew W Regens

Rob, do you have a picture of that ZT switches & switch mount ?

The kit that I have bought is the Waeco MSH-50. Heated seat bases and backs , 2 power levels, ...

>>would be nice to heat the steering wheel too - but I don't know whether this is possible or not?<<
everything is possible... it depends how much time and money you want to spend.
I'd like an airconditionned gearknob, is it possible ? ;o)

Scarlet's relocation of the hazard switch an implimentation of a central locking is the inspiration for my thoughts on this - see Andy's picture below:

ZT (and R75) switch panels are plastic, so can be resprayed any colour you fancy; you don't have to keep with 'wood'

Air conditioned gear level? Hmm... small ECU processor cooling fan, remove the allen bolts from a momo gear knob, and I think that you're almost there Fabrice ;o)
Rob Bell

Oh, and another picture of the R75 switch panel in situ in Andy's F:
Rob Bell

And if you're interested, there's a switch panel on fleabay at the moment (not mine!!!!)

Before you buy, I will check to see whether R75/ZT switches actually do fit in the switch console! ;o)
Rob Bell

hi hope someone can help with problem with my 03reg mgtf the area round the ash tray and cubby are getting hot not warm hot is this right or trouble thanks rob
r williams

The heater water supply pipes run through the centre 'transmission tunnel' Rob, so this is the most likely explanation for the heat in the absence of any burning smells or electrical maladies. An easy way to check is to turn off the heater from starting the car and see whether the area gets as warm (it should in fact stay cold).

One question though - has a previous owner (assuming that you didn't buy the car from new) connect up the cigar light illumination ring?
Rob Bell

thanks for your suggestion Rob, but I'm looking for a reversable solution (i.e. no visible drilling).
And now, my TF is not exactly in my heart (see HGF thread)


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