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MG MGF Technical - Adjusting Head Lights

Went for WOF this morning.
Garage asked how to adjust the head light as left hand lights are a bit low.
Can some one help me here.
New Zealand

By the way nice warm spring day here. 25dec C
KJ Harte

If it is an F, I would have thought a garage could work that out! But if they are rotating the adjusters without any change in beam pattern, it is possible that the ball and socket joint on the end of the adjusting drive has come adrift. Not uncommon and it would mean headlight disassembly to reconnect them - quite time heavy. You could bodge it by pumping up the suspension a bit more!

The adjuster screws are easily seen. As for the ball coming out of the socket, remove the rear cover and check the reflector is secure. There is no need to remove the front bumper to remove the headlight and disassemble it. Remove the bulb, wear a latex glove and put your finger inside the reflector to push it back on.
Geoff F.
Geoff Farthing

Ajusters are on the back of the headlamp unit - as pictured here:

TF and MGF are very similar, and adjust in the same way. Your garage should have no difficulty :o)
Rob Bell

thankyou Guys.
Working better now.
KJ Harte

This thread was discussed on 03/11/2009

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