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MG MGF Technical - Adjusting headlights

Being a real technical genius, I need to ask this question: "How do I adjust the headlights?"

I tried to adjust them saturday evening (and the light under the front bonnet wasn't working) but I couldn't fasten them. Off course it is possible that I am doeing something wrong, but what ?




being an english language genius .... :)=

..Do you mean adjust ? or replace ?

Anyway, are you sure that you got the right bulb ?
It should be a H1 type
H1 12 V/55 W P14,5s

Other bulb connections do not fit to the headlight or beamlight.

BTW. It was a dark saturday evening for Limburg Lotus event F'ers. Joerg Mullers driverside headlight failed also.


sorry, but it has nothing to do with the bulbs. I can manage it to change them myself, done that before. But the headlights are shining* too much to the ground, so I wanna position them a bit higher. There are two things per unit to unscrew. This helps you to adjust the unit, but fastening the unit isn't posible unless you go to the original setup.

Hope this clears up my first posting (maybe the roads will follow).


* Especially visible (non-visible) on dark, unknown twisting roads in Germany and Luxembourg.


My F's bumper pushes on the light and tips it down. so it may be that the bumper is on incorrectly.

Other than that will look in the workshop manual when I get home tonight.


Thanks Alistair for your reply, but the bumper is correctly fitted.

Looks like I am a technical genius.... ;-)

Unscrewing the two things give you the opportunity to move the inner reflector and bulbs. The unit itself (the lens and mounting brackets) aren't movable.

My problem is that I need to fasten the reflector (with bulbs) instead of the whole unit.

Thanks again....


Will try and scan in the pages and send them to you if this helps ?



Good idea, my fax number is the following:

or e-mail:


Be aware that headlamp adjustment is directly affected by suspension ride height and we all know about the oddities there. So I suggest that before messing with the headlamp adjustment just double check first the front ride height to make sure they are within tolerance.

Roger Parker


Sorry didn'y get chance to scan the pages last night ( had to work late )

Will try tonight from home.


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