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MG MGF Technical - Adjusting headlights when full boot and bootrack

Hi All,

Having just come back from Ireland (there will a separate thread on that soon with some nice photo's!) I'd like to ask a question...

I had a full boot and a suitcase on the bootrack which obviously weighed the back down a bit and at night my headlights were pointing a little too upwards.. what's the easiest way to adjust the beam back down a bit in this case to stop 80% of oncoming cars flashing you telling you you've got full beam on when you actually haven't?

I'm guessing there's some screwdriver work to be done behind the headlights but how do I know how much to do?


Chris Tromans

It's tricky to do Chris, and time consuming. And once you've unloaded the car you have to put it all back to where it was...

5 star hastle factor.

I'd avoid driving at night!
Rob Bell

Cheers Rob,

Advice taken ;-) I'm surprised someone on here hasn't wired up a switch on the dash that does it automatically like on other cars :-)

Chris Tromans

There's a thought Chris - not quite sure what would be involved in attempting this though.
Rob Bell

Believe me Rob... I'll be waiting for someone else to try it first ;-)

Chris Tromans

Rob Bell

Not only tricky to do, as Rob says, but the plastic adjusting screwws in the headlights break very easily so I would leave them well alone.
Spyros Papageorghiou

I suppose if I let the front tyres down a lot and pump the rear ones up too much that might solve the problem ;-)
Chris Tromans

This thread was discussed on 07/09/2005

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