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MG MGF Technical - Adjustment of boot lid.

I was closing the boot, having dropped the hood and fitted the toneau cover. Toneau cover is designed to be tucked into boot lid and lid to be closed.

Anyway there was a clunking noise and it was aparent that something had "given" in the process but it was not immediately clear.

looking at the car now i can see that the boot lid is out of alignment - slightly raised above the rear of the car.

Suggestions please on re alignment - which I know can be done.

Thank you.
Chris James


From the manual:-

Open boot lid
Loosen four bolts securing boot lid to hinges and adjust boot lid.
Lightly tighten bolts and close boot.
Check alignment of boot lid.
Open boot lid
Adjust boot lid if necessary and tighten bolts to 9Nm
If necessary adjust boot striker

The boot striker ( the hooped catch inside in the middle) is adjusted in a similar fashion and bolts (2) are tightened to 10Nm.


Bruce Caldwell

I did the same thing the other day..
After a quick examination I tried to do what Bruce suggests but its harder than it looks - Give yourself plenty of time and have patience.
My only suggestion is to look at how the lid seems to be out of alignment b4 you undo the screws. If the lid appears to be arched then the screw nearest the rear of the car is probably the offending one, while if it is simply raised but still following the contours then it is probably the screw nearest the front of the car that needs setting.

Alternatively you could hire a midget to tighten the bolts from the inside while you hold the boot in the right place :)

Post a message to tell us how you get on.

I'll give it a go this afternoon - cheers. Don't a proper torque wrench to measure newtons so will just tighten it.
Chris James

Hasn't your midget got one...??

I always wondered what an MG Midget was!
T Green


Once you have fixed your boot alignment, when you put the tonneau on next, put the loops over the folded frame and then line the tonneau and trap with the boot lid before doing the final fixing with the studs. I had the same problem, but got the dealer to realign the boot for me.


or get a MK1 cover - that does not go into the boot!

Ted Newman

Well - I have had a look. It seems there are a total of 10 bolts - five on each side.

Three grouped loosely in a triangle on each side - one of these has a rubber stopper on. These three bolt the plate to the boot lid.

A further two bolts on each side secure the plate to the square tubing.

Before I start to play with these 10 bolts i am going to hold off in the hope that someone can put me straight.

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