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MG MGF Technical - Advice on mi Meshes please.

Please help a bodywork novice in need of shiney parts on his MG!
Not so much technical, but I do need advice on how to fit my shiney new mesh kit to my TF 160 (schoolboy error- didn't go for dealer fit!). Basically, how do I get my side intakes off and my front and rear bumper mouldings so I can fit mi meshes? I'm fairly competant with mi tools :-/ (used to own a midget), but I'd rather be certain about what I'm undoing afore I start to create a pile of bits! Also, are there any treally tricky procedures to watch out for?
Q for anybody who has one- can I get a workshop manual for my TF and where from? Help and advice from all corners gratefully received.
Many Thanks in anticipation.


if your not doing anything on sunday why not pop up and join us on a meet swmgf,there are a few from down your way that are members of swmgf,sure you will pick up loads of info,see swmgf meet 4 on gen thread,also have a look at web site for our area, cheers Dave.
DC Morris

Tim you have mail
Chris Catchpole

Dear Chris and DC,
Thanks for the gen Chris, bumper stuff should work a treat but the TF side intakes don't have any screws (visible) like on the F! Still in the dark on that one.
DC, will try and make Sun weather permitting, thanks for the invite.
Any other takers out there with any good gen??


I believe the TF side intakes prise out but I would be careful what you use, don't want to damage the body work. There was something in the archives recently on this subject.
Chris Catchpole

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