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MG MGF Technical - Advice please, Gonna fit them myself

Just got back from silverstone with a MS quickshift kit & ITG maxogen filter kit. I am going to attempt to fit both myself. I have never removed the console before and would be gratefull of any advice.

- battery disconnect
- wait for 10 minutes SRS discharge
- remove both seats (Torx 50)
- remove the T-Bar (three screws, 6 hidden plastic rivets
- remove the rear cubby panel (philips screws
- remove the footwell panels left and right 2 screws each and electrical connections
- remove the gear knob (turn strong left)
- loosen the handbrake gaiter below (plastic frame
- remove the center instrument panel
- remove the rear screws of the tunel and the front screws
- disconnect cigar lighter

Have fun in dismanteling the gearstick assy and unbolt the SRS ECU before.

Is a instruction sheet added to the MS quickshift kit ?
If not, Oh yeah ... ;-)

PS related pictures of course at
Dieter Koennecke

Thanks for the response. Sh*t that sounds complicated. Does it all go back together???
No instructions are available yet but it sounded a simple job when it was mentioned to the sales person. Maybe I should be begging for a hand with this job.


Mike tried to persuade me that it was a much simpler job than that - whilst you certainly need to remove the centre console (if only to re-fit the gear-stick gaiter), I'm not sure you need to get the tunnel off. You're not replacing the actual linkages themselves, just the terminations (under the car access I believe), and the stick assembly, I believe.

Mind you, having had the centre console off my car, I'd say it was at best fiddly to do that way.

I think I have a shot of the shift with the conole off - if I can find it I'll email it to you so that you can make your own assessment.

Ed Clarke

>Does it all go back together???

No problem but the crap plastic rivets (bolts) at the T-Bar.

>Maybe I should be begging for a hand with this job.

Dunno about your mechanic skills. But if you're carefull it should be possible to get it in.
The pqarts to remove before you get there:

Adjustment of the gears is another story.
Would also call for help on this final job.

But I'm not the only one here who has already done works at the gear linkage.

Come on guys !!

Dieter Koennecke

Sorry Ed, written parallel.
Dieter Koennecke

I forgive you Dieter.

I shall hopefully get those relays taken apart and worked out this week - expect drawings!

Ed Clarke


There are a couple of articles in the new MGF FAQ that cover the removal of the seats and the t-bar if that is of any help....

Home of the F'ers Gallery, MG Dealer Guide and new MGF FAQ. :)
Paul Lathwell

My first dealer could not work out how to adjust the standard gear linkage so ajustment is essential. Mind you, I'm sure the Mike Satur kit makes this a little easier. One day, Mike, I will buy one of your gear linkage kits.

Actually I'm quite used to the sloppy standard gear change now (after 3 years and 9months), as long as it's properly adjusted it's not too bad for normal driving.

I would not do it myself as I think it is a little beyond my limit of patience. Sure, I could fit it, but would it ever be right. I would however do the air filter myself as this should be easy as falling off a log.
Tony Smith

That is very adventurous of you Nik - I only bought a set of shock absorber bushes.

But seriously taking the centre consul off is not difficult just fiddly but I am told that the Mk1, Mk1.5 and Mk2 are all different!

Ted Newman


I too have succumbed to the lures of the quickshift. It felt really positive on Mike's own car - almost as if it was a direct drive.

Unfortunately Mike had no instructions with him at Silverstone so he promised to post them on to me.

He specifically said there was no need to remove the seats. The critical part was you needed some slack in the cables to make connection at the front-end easy. This requires disconnecting the rear first and reconnecting it last, which means you could possibly get the cables crossed if you are not careful. The job is done with the gear lever in neutral and you need an assistant to help check for slack in the cable when finding the gears.

I reckon fitting time with all the usual problems around doing these jobs at home will probably be about half a day. I just hope the current good weather last until next week-end.


Just a word of caution. Although Mike produces relative easy to fit upgrades I've had the slick shift kit fitted for a month now and have a couple of problems. This was the original replacement parts set I think Mike now replaces just about everything. Anyway at the moment I've got loads of problems moving from 2nd to 3rd. If I select third in an orderly slow movement usually no problems if however I want to move quickly from 2nd to 3rd I usually can't enagage 3rd. I just can't find the 'slot' and I end up going straight to 4th or back to second on occassions I've even selected 1st - much embarrassment here. All the other gear slections are fine altho the kit has not solved the crunching in reverse scenario. Secondly on my car there is no auto centering function whilst in neutral. I can move the stick sideways to either extremity and it will remain there.
My point is you really need to get the adjustments right. Mike spent 4 hours on my car and to be quite honest I'm a little disappointed. Mike has offered to make some more adjustments I just need to find the time to get up north.


The current one is a complete assembly, an example of which I have in the garage. Setting up is the crux of the standard car and any alternative system will be more sensitive since the element of free play is reduced to a minimum.

I am familiar with several Techspeed converted cars which for me provide the benchmark pinacle, so Mike's kit presents a learning curve for me for both the fit and setting up.

On an unconected note, it was interesting to feel that the standard of a new Trophy today was somewhat better then many other standard set ups.

Roger Parker

Gaz - reverse crunches because that selection has no synchro-mesh. You'll need more than a 100-ish kit to sort that!

Ed Clarke

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