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MG MGF Technical - After market alloy wheels

A local shop is selling direct fitting 16" alloys and tyres for 499 What do you all think? Look at the K&N ALLOYS ITS THE R11'S

Yup, they look pretty cool but are unlikely to fit an MGF unless stated that they do so (PCD etc).

Also, the F is sensitive to tyre choice, requiring (in my experience) quite a stiff sidewall. So a wheel & tyre deal (with budget tyres) may not be quite the thing.

You'd be better off going to one of the many specialists for MGF bits to be sure that what you buy will be suitable.

Good luck, Russ.
Russ D Mellor

If you're expecting the company to have MGF alloys in stock, then I suspect that you'll be out of luck.

However, many alloy wheel stockists will order wheels in to order - so if you supply the correct PCD, centre bore diameter and offset, they can get this ordered for you for a direct fit.

I know that this was Stu Dicken's experience when he ordered AVEZ (sp?) wheels from Micheldever...
Rob Bell

Phoned the shop this morning and these are the only wheels that they do to fit the MGF ( In there shop )and yes they have them in stock. The guy who owns the shop knows that there are not many wheels which will fit the mgf but assures me that these will go straight on without adapters.

These wheels look like the Trophy / technomagnesio (?), don't they ?

You were close Rob :-)

The company is calles AZEV

Here's a link to the website

I had the type E 16" fitted the criteria being they had to fit over the AP racing 4 pot brakes which they do fine.. No spacer required

cost wise they are about 130 each plus the rubber

Stu Dickens

Fabrice, I agree - and they look great! :o)

What sizes are they doing?
Rob Bell

What you really want is a set of 'cup' alloys.......

This thread was discussed on 24/04/2006

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