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MG MGF Technical - After Market Oil Filter

Hi all,

Thought I would share some info regarding oil filter replacement for your MGF in Australia.
This will probably only concern Australian owners, but info may be good for all.

I did a bit of phoning around for an oil filter. (Yes I like to save on running costs on all the cars I work on.)

What I found out is that the company brand filter "RYCO" have now just recently listed a replacement oil filter for the MGF! Previuosly they only listed MGB etc.

It is a RYCO Z585 premium oi filter (with anti drain-back valve)

Also I found the equivalent supply from a company called "Baldwinfilters" the part is B1447.

The cost at BURSONS over the counter, was only...... $13.90 (AUS)

I think thats a good price as it was $21 at Repco.

Hope this is useful to someone.
(It was to me.)

I will also be hunting down an air filter replacement soon.


nothing to add, but the usual measures:

rubber gasket outer/inner dia=71/62mm,
thread 13/16-16UN (similar to metric M20 x 1.5)
Dieter K.


Value for money?
Good for engine?
the better the filtration, the lower the flow!


HI Branco,

DO your self a favour and get a K & N air cleaner never needs replacingyou just clean and re-oil it ever now and them. also improves performace . I bought a oil filter from Repco for the Mgf chickened out fitting it because it looked smaller they said its fits our cars Costs about $15 bucks

Regards Mike
M L Dippenaar

Except for one, all the other measurements are the same. This filter is 87mm high not 100mm.

link does not work.

I'll certainly give it some thought about the air filter. Where can I get them in Melbourne?
Will this pose a problem with insurance?
They do require you to advise them if you have "modifed" the car in any way.

What was the Repco number? you had for the filter?
The number I got is also used for other cars egs, Landrover Freelander. both 1.8i and V6 engines.

Bigger may not be better.
Efficient design of parts, means that smaller can be just as good.
I will though, query the Ryco head office about that. Just to be sure.

Link works for me
Will Munns

the better the filtration, the lower the flow!

Paper is good at filtration and K&N flow


>This filter is 87mm high not 100mm

That's correct.
Some other aftermarket are 100mm though. They fit aswell.

Link didn't work last night. Now OK.

Melbourne sources:
Revolution Racegear,
and try Car Shine on Flemington Rd. or Quattro Sports Zentrum. ( they sell BMC panel filters as well.
(Info stolen @ Mini Forum) ;-)

Dieter K.

Hi Branko,

I will try and get the oil filter number for you. The K& N should not affect your insurance if you just replace the exsisting paper filter with a K&N , You should be able to get a K&N at any good preformace parts dealer I know Repco sell them in perth. They cost about $130 + - but are good for a million miles you also get a improved fuel consumption. The makers claim that it cannot affect new car warranties etc. I put one in my wifes brand new focus and dealer does not have a problem at all
Mike D
M L Dippenaar

Link Automotive supplied and fitted mine some 30months ago. They used a long alloy tube with the filter much lower down, more in the cooler air stream the only snag is after an autocross meet on soft sandy soil the filter worked but ended up needing a good clean.
Andrew Regens


Women have shoes, handbags, clothes, jewellery, fat clubs, new kitchens, pointless magazines, and more, much more. Men retire to their sheds and cut oil filters open.

I've only cut three oil filters open, as I am too mean to use filters other than those I've taken from my k-series cars. They are the Unipart GFE280, the Unipart Premium GFE26, and a Fram PH4952 (When I had my 214 serviced it came back with a Fram filter. I was a little worried, having read all the oil filter studies, so eventually I swapped it for a GFE280 and cut it open.)

All three filters were virtually indistinguishable, and as far as I could tell had been made in the same factory. All the metal parts were identical, with the same casting and identification marks. All the elements had the same steel end caps, all had the same nitrile anti drain-back valves, and all had the same nitrile bypass valves. I could see no difference at all between the GFE280 and the GFE28. The Fram had two more pleats in the filter material, but was otherwise identical to the others. They were all very well made and I would have no worries about using any of them.

The problem with oil filter studies is that they are mainly from the USA, where filters are sold for a few dollars, and they are usually quite a few years old now. They also perpetuate some old canards. 'DuPont does not recommend using Teflon in engines.' Well, I won't put PTFE in my engine, but after a few law suits DuPont long since stopped saying that, and for some years has had an automotive section that sells PTFE products specifically for use in car engines. But these stories never lie down.

As for what non-standard filter to use in Austraila, I'm really not in a position to advise. Perhaps your friendly garage has an old one in it's bin that you could take to your shed and cut open? Then you could join the club. I have to say though that every filter I've cut open has blood on it.

Regards, Kes.

Sorry for my late reply's to your posts. At the moment I have my mind on my clutch replacment project, ahhhhh lots of fun. And Thanks to David Mottram for his invaluable advice.

Deiter, thanks for the links and info. Sounds like you are learing about the Melbourne suburbs.

Mike, thanks for the info, but, I could never see myself forking out $130 bucks for a filter. (unless it was gold plated)....and even then......
Paper for me it is. :-)

Andrew, I saw the way the air intake tube sits in my engine bay. I don't think it's a good way to just have hose just sitting on the back of the engine rear wall. I think it should be suspended away from any surfaces as it being close to any surface poses some airflow problems. Maybe the MGF designers did not think of this? I would like to have the intake facing up towards the air grill on the back of the boot lid(accounting for water/rain ingress).

One thing I have found out is that now, many after market parts suppliers manufacture their products to OEM. If you find its not, sue then!!!!!

or maybe just bitterly complain.



Rats, sorry I forgot kes's reply. (Well, it is 55mins past midnight here)

Kes, that is a great write up. You are obviously more into filters than I am. :-)

I just take the old one off, chuck it, and then put the new on ......



> I would like to have the intake facing up towards the
>air grill on the back of the boot lid(accounting for
>water/rain ingress).

The natural direction is for hot air to rise towards this vent, so putting the intake higher will cause more hot air to be ingested, at speed there is probebly so much turbulance from under the car I doubt it would make much diffrence
Will Munns

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