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MG MGF Technical - aftermarket sports seats

I am looking to fit an aftermarket sports seat. I am going to get it fixed into the car (ie it wont be on runners). Key issues for me are width (needs to fit!) and I want something lower than the standard seat but more comfortable than a full on race seat (as I drive long distances to events). I'll be using it with a race harness. Any recommendations / expierience? Ta
marc h

Marc, we checked out the Cobra range very recently - and with some modification to the corner of the seat base - they fitted absolutely perfectly. Off the top of my head, I can't remember the model name, but the guys at their Telford base were very helpful. Buy their runners and fix the seats in the car, and you'll have a seat that will fit perfectly (and most importantly, nice and low) into your F :o)

Rob Bell

Rob - Many thanks!
marc h

Marc, you might be interested in the picture I took on my camera phone - the black Cobra driver's seat is the one you're probably going to be interested in; the one in the foreground (blue seat in passenger side) is a GT seat and is rather wider...

Rob Bell

Hi Rob, how are you doing? - do you have a rough price for the black seat with runners?

Have you guys tried OMP I used to have one of their seats in my race midget and that has a lot less room than a MGF.

So the cobra seat fits onto runners? Does it actually lower the driving position substantially?
marc h

The runners would actually raise the seat significantly. You'd be better off mounting the seat solidly.

Not tried OMP Dave - might be worth a try, but I need an adjustable seat runner, and this tends to put any after market seat far too high in the car, unfortunately.

On the case for an alternative solution - watch this space :o)

Tony, I think that either Stu or Dave had the cost break down on these seats - but Cobra aren't exactly the cheapest seats on the market. Decent quality though :o)
Rob Bell

Rob, how soon to your runner solution? Would rather have a moveable seat than a fixed one if possible.
mac h

marc h
Sounds like you're after the same as me.
A sports seat on runners, that retains, or lowers the seat height..
I am still looking for one - it might be worth looking at the rails.

Mr Bell;
That seat (Cobra black) looks great!
I want one... well two!
on lower runners of course!
Neil H

A moveable seat is possible, if you fabricate runners using the Cobra mechanism. What you can't really do is retain the type-approved and crashed tested standard runners - which is what I ideally wanted to do. This primarily is because I'd like to retain the standard seat belts for normal road use.

If you know someone who can weld and you trust to do a good job, then I'd go the custom route, and use alternative road belts. You could even go for inertia reel four-point harnesses...

At this point in time however, I'd be keen to explore plan 'B' - which would involve some modification of the standard seat.
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed between 02/11/2007 and 29/11/2007

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