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MG MGF Technical - Age related moment

Tell me I'm paranoid. TF/F flexible brake pipes are identical aren't they?
Only asking as F Goodrich kits are available, but not for TF. Otherwise will have to make my own up!
Jerry Herbert

According to the EPC, there are two hoses listed - one for cars pre-2D 600100, and those after this VIN.

However, I suspect that they aren't that different - can anyone comment?
Rob Bell

From memmory I'd say the stock brakehoses used for my F had a different "point" sticking out of it to "slot" it in on the side of the brake caliper compared to the hoses I got with my TF160 (2003) brakes. They were compatible anyway in my case.

I assume the rear may be different due to the big suspension arm and different space ??

Not sure !!

I recall the original hose end joints at the old MGF had been zink plated (yellow coloured, Chrome VI content). Not RoHS compliant.
May be the reason for another P/N change could be the change to none hazardous surface treatment. (Zink blue)

Just an idea.

Could be Dieter. Would be good to get a new set of both and put them next to one another for comparison.

Jerry, I would suggest sale or return basis for taking your project forward :o)
Rob Bell

Thanks guys.
Hoses on order this am. Let you know the outcome. It's not fatal if the rears are a bit short, as the hose is cheaper than the fittings, and a longer length can be fitted.
Jerry Herbert

Got a set of Mike Satur Goodridge hoses on now. No problems at all. The four hoses supplied were the same, F rear ones I think. Bit of cling film and elastic band on the master cylinder, swop over, gravity bleed, done in no time!!
The old TF fronts were about 30cm, rears 34cm if any help.
Jerry Herbert

Jerry, Thank You.

>fronts about 30cm, rears 34cm

good to know

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