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MG MGF Technical - AH NO BRAKES!

Earlier this year I had a problem with my brakes not working, The pedal would go rock hard whilst I was driving (like when you repeatedly push the pedal when stood idle to build up compression), needless to say it took a great deal of force to stop. My MG garage blamed it on the break pads so I had them replaced, Everything seemed finr for about two weeks........ UNTIL TODAY! it did it again on my way home from work in the pooring rain, can someone help me before I end up rapping my car round a lamp post.
I really cant afford to pay my MG garage for more tests and ridiculous labour charges!
gary robinson

Sorry to show my ignorance on MGF's, but if they use vacuum power brake boosters then this would cause similar symtoms you describe if it is failing. If so equipped, make sure the vacuum hose is secure in the booster and it does not leak. Remove the hose from the booster- is this the same pedal feel you feel when it is hard? If so you might need a new booster. A frozen master cylinder or linkages could be the cause or perhaps crud in the lines. Brake pads or shoes themselves can generally not cause a hard brake pedal, and problems with calipers or wheel cylinders would cause overheating or pulling to one side, or not stopping at all. If you have ABS, do any codes come up? Good luck.

Faults brake servos cause this type of problem. Lack of vacuum caused by a leak in the pipework from the manifold or a failed diaphram in the servo. The later usually requires a new servo unit.
Stuart Elliot

yup, I go along with the servo failure theory, I've had exactly that in the pasat.
T Green

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