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MG MGF Technical - Air!

Whilst removing some dead wildlife from the F yeaterday, it struck me that the side air intakes might have been designed to stop a decent amount of air getting into the engine bay. Has anyone tried re-shaping them so that they actually scoop some air in, rather than deflecting it away?

Ed Clarke

Have a look at Dieters Tech. site under airbox mod.
There You will se my air-scoope etc. PS. There IS a hughe amount of air comming into the engine bay at any speed above 30-40 km/h. Se the thread "A day out on B-roads and a IR-thermometer"...

Regards , Carl.

Indeed you are right Ed- very little air actually flows through those ducts without considerable encouragement.

Carls air scoop mod appears to work well from his experiments.

I wonder whether the MGF Supersports ducts, as retailed by Mike Satur, might work well too?
Rob Bell

Looking at the Moss website the other day for things I could do to improve engine aspiration without upsetting the insurance company, and I came across a duct kit that takes feed directly from left side duct to the air box (much like the Elise). Anyone had a go with this mod?

Raj Jena
Raj Jena

This thread was discussed between 13/05/2001 and 14/05/2001

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