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MG MGF Technical - Air bag lights up my life!


not a post on the head gasket.... I know did that one over christmas, never mind and thanks MGFC. So on wednesday got to go out to Wrexham and do abit of site work and find some nice wet roads to go down - big grin times! My proplem - the dam airbag light stays on!
Any sugestions? Or is it a trip to some men that know about these things.

trying not to bump into anything,

N S Williams

A long shot here mate...but the wifes vectra did the same a while back...traced it back to some work done on one of the seats and distured the air bag connection under the seat.
When i upgraded my interior i had to unplug some connector to put new seats in and seem to remember it was to do with the air bag.
might not apply here but worth a mention.
I had to disconnect the battery and wait 20 mins before doing the interior swap incase you are thinking of having a fiddle , so the air bag does not go off
m e johnson


I'll second Mel... I had the same as have many others. Steps:

1.Open the bonnet
2.Disconnect the battery
3.Go and have a cup of tea/coffee for 20/30 mins
4.Come back
5.Rummage under both seats and locate seat belt pre-tensioner plugs (on a F and early TFs they will be red - on later TFs they will be yellow).
6.Undo the plugs, then do them back up again nice and tight
7.Shut the car doors
8.Go back under the bonnet and connect the battery again
9.Now keep pressing your lock button on the keyfob until the car locks (it takes a few clicks as they system is configuring itself again).
10.Unlock the car again
11.Get in, turn the car on and the air bag light should be out hopefully.


Chris Tromans

Additionally, if you (or any previous owner) have changed the gear change mechanism (for instance installed the Mike Satur Slick Shift Kit), then the air bag control unit will have been removed and refitted. Could be worth checking that this unit is properly attached and connected.

I've had the same problem with all my new MGs The F and Zs180, went back to the MG Rover dealer they said the connection for the SRS was under the driver seat and as the seat is moved back and forward the connection becomes loose, they said just check the connections under the seat.

I have a similar but not identical issue with the SRS lamp. It comes on once, maybe twice a week(daily use c.500 miles/week) usually during a journey and stays on until end of 'session' but has so far stayed off when the ignition is next switched on it can go two weeks without coming on again. Airbags are now just over ten years from first registration but no intermediate mention in an otherwise copiously documented history. Should I worry?
C.R.B. Simeon

Thank you all very much,

I will go out in the week and try the cup of tea method - I will use a single bag, 2 sugars and a dash of milk.... I feel just a mug - very ironic!!!!

Anyway I would like to point out that about a month ago I fitted the external zero temp sensor - so this could have messed things up alittle.

CRB - thats how mine started........

Cheers guys
N S Williams

Guys just an update,

was sorting out the tea when i just tried to fiddle with the under seat connection - didnt really tounch it much - but it worked!!!! And I thought the Italians were bad at electrics..... oh well as long as it works should i ever need it!

N S Williams

I normally have white, without; but you reckon two sugars will do it........mmmmmm and I would much rather not power down the security system. Lets wait, but thanks anyway!
C.R.B. Simeon

After messing around under the seata few times, you will take it to a dealer, he will diagnose the rotary what'sit in the steering wheel and charge you 80. Then the problem goes away.


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