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MG MGF Technical - Air Filter

Is there anyway to make the standard MG TF 135 (2003) air filter better?
i.e.taking the cold air feed to one of the side air intakes?
G Troman

Running a feed to the vent will ensure a good air flow along with replacing the filter with a uprated pannel filter. This is the way to go if you do not want to start chopping about in the bay. But if you want a proper filter then go with KN, Taipan or Pipercross after market modifications.
DJC Dorrell

I was thinking about fitting a ITG Panel Filter.
Are these any good?
Any idea where the best place in the UK to purchase this filter?

ITG tend to be either the best or pretty close to the mark, however the restrictions of the airbox will mean you'll not see a massive improvement from just upgrading the panel filter. Still, it will make the engine feel more willing at higher revs, where the standard filter begins to struggle.

As Duncan says, the big improvement comes when you straighten the air path with a full induction kit.
Mike Hankin

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