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MG MGF Technical - Air filter & Warranty

I'm thinking of buying a KN / Pipercross air filter in the near future, but have concerns over a couple of points:

1. Will the filter invalidate the Rover warranty ?
2. Are they easy to fit ?

Thanks in advance

i) Only the parts it affects. ie. You complain about throttle body and they
may laugh at you with the KnN. However, I have had no such issues - with
my throttle body (the car's!) problem being fixed with no probs.
So make sure and get a good dealer.
Also, (Shhh....) put the old filter on when going in for warranty work ?

ii) Dead easy. Go have a look in the archives. Loads of info.
My mum could do it. :o)

If you like, you can fit the slightly lesser option of a replacement panel filter
from KnN. Better performance with not a single warranty or insurance issue
as it's a replacement part!

Hope this helps,
Paul Nothard

This thread was discussed on 07/08/2000

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