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MG MGF Technical - Air Flow

Can anyone explain the MGF air intake to me... Where the fan is located etc.. is air pulled in both intakes or just one... is there just one fan...

that kinda stuff...

I think im getting warm air in instead of cool... :( car always seebs bad on warm days and better on wet days...



You must be new here, so welcome. You're going to get a few replies on this one.

Are only enters the engine from one side of the car, the passenger side.

The fan you hear is only a cooling fan in the engine bay which kicks in only after the engine bay reaches a certain temperature. Radiator fans in the front are a lot quieter.

The car will feel more responsive on a cold day certainly. As can be found in another thread on this BBS - Cold air is denser = more oxygen = more power. On a hotter day less oxygen therefore less power.

A lot of us in BBS land have gone over to the 'dark side' and have modified various parts of our cars to varying degrees, one of the most popular modifications is to the air induction system, fitting a K&N filter can improve the cars breathing considerably and is reletively inexpensive and very easy to do DIY.

I hope this helps a little.

Stick around this BBS and you'll learn a lot of stuff.

tim woolcott


Try this thread:-

Hmmm, not as straight forward as it sounds this one...

OK, on the subject of air flow, there are four important areas:

1, Front radiator, accessed mainly from the front lower grille but also to a lesser degree the top grilles either side of the MG badge

2, Under the car, air is drawn up from underneath the car whilst it is in motion, up along the boot compartment wall (where it enters the standard air filter assembly) and then out through the boot lid vents.

3, Driver's side air intake (RHD car). Passenger side is 90% blocked by the petrol tank. Whilst in motion the F air side intakes have very little air flow, the TF is supposed to be better in this regard, but AFAIK no one has tested it yet (dead easy, remove the mesh, attach some streamers to the air intake and drive on a dual carriageway with someone else in a car next to you with a video camera. Review the footage to see what happens at various speeds). Inthe case of the F, the side air intake is mainly used to draw in mechanically when the car is stationary. Effectively replacing the air that enters from underneath whilst the car is moving.

4, Passenger side wheel arch, this applies to the Trophy 160 and TF variants only, basically with their revised air intakes the resonance box became redundant so it was deleted. This leaves a fairly large opening behind the rear passenger side wheel for air to enter the engine bay.

In addition to the above, there is an additional point of entry if the car has been fitted with some of the aftermarket air filters. The K+N 57i, RamAir, Piper Viper and ITG Maxogen have dedicated air induction hoses that all take air from the underside of the car, just behind the petrol tank.


Scarlet Fever

Great stuff people, thanks... I think ill have to invest in an air induction kit... im a bit wary of the K & N's now as I heard some of them where disintergrating... (sod the spell check ;) ) it kinda put me off them a little... anyone elso heard of this...

Nope, news to me. Although there was a thread a while ago IIRC about the chromed cap coming loose.

K+N is a paper filter so the only thing to really worry about is the chance of it getting wet. This is not really a problem when the filter is mounted right at the top of the engine bay, in the middle of the car. Need to make sure you follow the recommended 4" gap between the filter and induction hoses though.

Scarlet Fever

Like SF I have never heard of one disintegrating only a couple of cases of the shiny bit on top falling off (Rob ?). I don't think it is paper though- most likely cotton gauze. I washed mine several times to clean it without any problems.

Spyros Papageorghiou

Yup, it was the bright metal trim at the filter top that fell off. One call to K&N, and the part was replaced by return of post under their excellent 1,000,000 mile guarantee. I was very impressed with the service.

It gives me confidence to continue using their product for the foreseeable future!
Rob Bell

K&N filters are cotton gauze and water would not effect them as far as I know.
Blue Pocket Rocket

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