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MG MGF Technical - Air induction leak on TF 115

Since my daughter has had her HGF repaired she has suffered a whoosing noise that appears to come from the induction system. Its particularly noticable on over run but can be heard when reving the engine stationary. I've had a look but can't spot enything obvious. Does anyone have any ideas. Its a 2002 TF 115 with a plastic intake manifold. Can anyone point me to any diagrams on the web where I can see what pipes suposed to go where. The best way I can describe the noise is that it sounds like a cistern when you have just flushed.
Thanks Paul
Paul Hollingworth

"The best way I can describe the noise is that it sounds like a cistern when you have just flushed. "
I would say that is someone taking the pi55;-)))
Seriously it could be that the air filter has been omitted or the intake pipe is not connected correctly. I assume the car is running correctly in other respcts.

I took the Tf appart on Saturday. Many thanks to Rob Bell for his guide of how to get at the engine. After searching long and checking every hose. I discovered the whisling was coming from the Air control valve on the intake manifold (sometimes called the stepper motor because it contains one). It seems to be sucking air in around the body and electrical conector. Is it possible that it was damaged by the HGF, contamination by Mayo perhaps or more likely bashed during the repair. Anyway they are eighty quid to replace so I'll get it off and try to bodge it up. Has anyone else had any problems with this component
Paul Hollingworth

Paul, there is a O ring that seals the stepper housing to the manifold it may have been omitted or perished.

That's interesting Paul - Mike's suggestion sounds as though it is a good avenue of investigation. :o)
Rob Bell

Well I've got the pesky thing off and I'm blowed if I can see any thing wrong with it. I'll have a good look at the manifold tomorrow in the daylight. O ring looks fine
Paul Hollingworth

I've put it back on and its exactly the same. I'm sure there are no leaks, so I can only deduce that the whoosing is caused by the air passing into the manifold. It also makes a high pitched hum even when the car is switched off (keys out). Anyone got any ideas ?
The car runs OK and idles fine irrespective of temp.
Is there any way af checking apart from spending 80 on a new valve and then perhaps not curing the problem.
Paul Hollingworth

Swapped the Air control valve/stepper motor for another one and hey presto whoosh has gone. It idles slower on goes better now too. I can only conclude the old one was stuck. Got the new one from Viking motors in Kings Heath (Birmingham)for 15. I wonder if Mr Hulse on another thread has a similar problem
Paul Hollingworth

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