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MG MGF Technical - Air Intake fans

Does anyone know if there is an electric fan on both of the side air intakes.

On long journeys and when the fan kicks in, it is only on one side of the car. Is this correct. Someone once told me that a fan should kick in on both sides when the engine reaches a certain temperature.

Derren Benton

One on the right hand side only another up front.
Paul Lathwell

I was told one is a dummy - it would look daft with only one air intake


The near side intake vent is only a dummy until you make use of it ;-)

I personally have opted to use it as the engine intake where others go for a different method (K&N)

Nick (R3 NPH)

What actualy triggers the cooling fan? is it coolant temp, oil temp or something else. I've noticed recently
that mine does not kick in any more, but I have not used car much over winter and only for short trips of 5miles or so.

Dave D
Dave D

special temperature sensor in the engine bay.

See the top right corner of this picture. (blue points)
But its not connected directly to the fan (IMO).

Dieter Koennecke

AND for some unknown (or known) reason the VVC and the MPi have different triggering temperatures - think the MPi is 10 degrees lower.

We are of course talking engine bay! There is another fan at the front for the radiator - two if you have air-con.

Ted Newman

Only one fan on the back of the car, on the right, it should suck and not blow. This is to attempt to cool the engine bay.

Tony Smith

This thread was discussed between 24/03/2001 and 01/04/2001

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