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MG MGF Technical - air scoops

hi has anybody fitted fiberglass air scoops to the air intakes on mgf have a vader system fitted picking up from nsr air vent wondering if these will improve air flow and cooling in engine bay ?
rj hardwick

I don't think you would see any sort of performance benefit, but you might get a bit more road crud stuck in your filter!
Mike Cunningham

On an entirely academic note; I have often wondered the serendipitous extent of the the original setup on a road car, where warmed engine compartment air was sucked away from the top of the compartment and blown out through the engine.
At tickover, such as in a traffic jam, even in this country, the engine is venting 1800/2*850=765 litres of warmed air per minute, from the hottest place, and ergo, replacing it with ambient temperature air all around the engine.
The benefits of this incidental cooling seem to be ignored by 'ambient' air scoops which are wrongly referred to as 'cold air' induction.
I believe the K1.8 engine is masssively overcooled anyway, but a rolling road test vastly magnifies the 'benefit' of scoops/induction.
The mpg will always be reduced by fitting scoops when under almost all but the most extreme acceleration scenarios, they probably make an imperceptible improvement in performance, only detectable on a rolling road; which is quite 'academic'.
Discuss ;o)

not sure on these bought spare vents on e bay looking at getting the vents on payday fitting them and seeing how they work /look etc if i dont like the look or result will refit originals not worried too much about proformance but interested if it improves air circulation around engine looks like its a can of worms lol
rj hardwick

Have a 2001 MGF 1.8 and have fitted a K&N 57i cone air filter with a (home made) air box.
I have two air intake pipes. One pipe goes to the bottom of the car and the second one goes to the left intake air vent. I ended up buying air scoops from ebay which I fitted to the side air intake vents and am happy with the setup. Very simple to install-just abit of glue.

Although I have no proof that it works in terms of hard data I am happy with the setup. Theroretically (at least) it should make a difference (also makes the car look abit sportier!)

Daniel M

As there is a requirement for a more effective scoops setup for the MGF, I have started developing a scoop that is significantly larger than the small ones that are available currently, along the same lines as the ones developed for the TF.

This is at an early stage, but shape approximately 85% from the final.

JH Saayman

Another pic showing the side view with the horizontal slats to give it a bit more of an agreesive look.

I will test improved efficiency prior to production - measured in incread air flow volume.

JH Saayman

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