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MG MGF Technical - Air side Scoops


I have MGF 2000 with ITG- Maxogen air filter, and I would like to fit the air side scoops... Does anyone knows where could I buy it?
Eduard Miro

Try this chap on Ebay -
David Clelland

Is the point of an air filter not to have a ram air type arrangement.? Ie having a still pocket of air at the intake was the best idea (most dense). I seem to recall an article on this from rob.

An enclosed air filter, connected to the side vent, is so effect because it segregates the cold outside air from the hot engine compartment, but there is no ram effect. The side vents on the F look better than they work and the internal air path is apalling, so don't expect any benefit from side scoops. There is no proof they produce more power.


First of all, forget ram effect - it doesn't exist at the speeds MGFs are capable of. You might get a bit as a Veyron approaches max speed! Second, cool air if you can get it is much more effective as it increase the air mass flow, hence you can burn a bit more fuel and get a bit more power. I've been measuring air inlet temperature at the opening of the intake flexi pipe, and it generally runs at least 10deg over ambient, and can easily get to 20 over. Air density goes with the absolute temperature, so if ambient is 20C, that's 293K. If the intake temperature is 40, that's 313K, a ratio of 313/293 or 7% lower density. If you could get the intake back to ambient, it could be worth up to 7% power boost. I mocked up some rather large scoops to try the effect, see photo, and on their own, they roughly halved the temperature difference. I reckon if you managed to run some ducting down to the side intake and had a scoop fitted you should see a sensible improvement. Rob Bell's website has a good feature on this.

Mike Cunningham

Thank you David for the info...
Eduard Miro

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