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MG MGF Technical - air temperature sensor?

Does anyone know where the lat sensor or air temperature sensor is on the mgf vvc 1997. Thanks
J alexander


There are two sensors, the one for the engine is in the inlet manifold tract for cylinder 4 (at the gearbox of the engine)
Will Munns

My an mgf p reg is it the same for that?
J Alexander

Yes this is true for all K's except for the SPI (on metros and 214's)
Will Munns

errm - why?
Will Munns

Ive got a piggy back device which will trick the engin in thinking its got cold air going into it.
J Alexander

Will Munns

Is this not a good idea i take it?
J Alexander

Sorry, let me put that better:

The engine is designed to use the optimum mix of fuel and air to get the best performance, lying to the ECU will cause it to put more fuel in, upsetting the careful balance, this will cause the power to go down unless there is another fault in the system. Also depending on how much extra fuel gets pumped in will depend on weather the car will just perform worse or weather you will also get "Bore Wash" where the petrol washes the bores of the engine of oil, diluting the oil and removing the engines protection from severe wear.
Will Munns

I'm guessing you got the piggy-back device off ebay for 2-3 quid? It's just a resistor that you could buy in Maplins for about 10p.

Think of it this way - if MG could get an extra 20bhp out of their engines for just a couple of quid, they would fit these miracle-devices as standard!!!
Ian Matheson

Good point, a new exhaust system should do the trick : )
J Alexander

Improving the air induction system will do the trick better and cheaper! It will actually get cold(er) air to the engine, like the piggy-back device was trying to simulate.

Improvements can be made from just replacing the standard panel air filter with an aftermarket one, to installing a complete induction system. Most people go for the in-between, which is to fit a K&N 57i induction kit for about 90 and a 8-15 bhp gain!!
More details can be found on Rob Bell's site:
Ian Matheson

James, I agree with Ian, sorting a decent airfilter gives you plenty more bang for your buck. Okay, it isn't earth shattering power, but certainly more than a resistor stuck in line with the air temperature sensor in the inlet tract!

Just to emphasise Will's point: DO NOT fit this resistor to the air temperature sensor - THEY DON'T WORK

Or put another way, at best, they don't work, at worst, they rob power and cause engine damage through bore wash.
Rob Bell

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