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MG MGF Technical - Airbox

i have just put the original air box back on the car.. but i could not replace the plastic elbow pipe.. is it ok to leave it off..
p.s as just a thought would a piece of induction pipe glued to the bottom and threaded through to the bottom of the car and a K&N panel filter a quieter option than a 57i kit..(did not like it to loud on the motorway)sorry folks..


Try one of the enclosed systems, The ITG Maxogen or pipercross viper come to mind.

You can then duct these to the passenger side air intake which will make it quieter and not so harsh and you'll get a little better performance by drawing in the cool air.

You could always put the K&N in a old Rover 820 air box as a cheaper option

Have a look at Rob's excellent site for details:-

Look in the tech section for 'cold air boxes'

Stu Dickens

This thread was discussed on 30/01/2006

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